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Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs Review

For beginner golfers, there has always been a brand that makes it easy and affordable to get into golf. That famous brand is Wilson. Not only does Wilson create beginner golf sets but it also offers sets that cover a large variety of golfer sizes. By far, the greatest set Wilson has to offer is the all-in-one Wilson Ultra Golf Club Set.

In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the set and what makes it one of the best starting sets in all of golf. We will discuss the set’s Key Features and Technology. There will even be a section dedicated to describing who the Wilson Ultra Set is best suited for. No stone will be left unturned in our quest to answer all your questions about the Wilson Ultra Set!

Wilson Ultra Golf Club Reviews

Wilson Golf Men's Ultra

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  • This package set is perfect for beginner golfers looking to improve their game with a high quality, distance-yielding a package set.
  • The super game improvement design focuses on generating more distance for beginner golfers
  • Large 460cc titanium matrix driver uses hot face and low center of gravity to launch the ball off the Tee
  • Large sweet spot irons feature perimeter weighting for improved performance on off center hits
  • Alignment putter with soft paddle grip improves aim and distance for all golfers

Key Features

Like any golf set, there are a couple of key features that really determine who the set is for and how well the set will perform. Here are the four key features:

  • Nine Clubs Included
  • Large 460cc Driver
  • Perimeter Weighted Irons
  • Lightweight Carry Bag

Wilson really does create a great set with the Ultra. It has nine different clubs that include a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, five irons, and a blade-style putter. Add in a well-made carry bag and you just can’t beat it!

Golfers can find the Wilson UItra set in both regular and tall lengths. You can also choose between either regular or senior flex shafts. Clubhead covers are even included for the driver, fairway wood, and hybrid.


Since the Wilson Ultra set is targeted at beginner golfers most of the clubs are pretty basic. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some special technology that makes for a better playing experience.

Specifically, the Wilson Ultra Set includes a 460cc Driver with Game Improvement Technology. This means that the driver is engineered for more forgiveness rather than distance. That way beginner golfers will spend more time on the fairway rather than the rough.

Another technology that makes its way into the set is Perimeter-Weighted Irons. This type of technology allows for an easier launch and less turning of the clubface throughout the swing. So again, a greater focus is spent on forgiveness rather than distance. The included sand wedge also has a similar weighting style but with a wider sole for better greenside control.

Who is this set best suited for

At this point, it’s probably pretty clear that the Wilson Ultra Set is targeted specifically at new and beginner golfers. And in the big picture of the beginner market, this set is by far one of the best. The only better option might be Wilson’s Ultra Plus which includes a slightly upgraded carry bag.

Another group of golfers that would find great use out of this option would be budget golfers. At $300 the set is actually quite cheap since its all-in-one. If you were to piece together this kit it would cost a much higher price. So if you need to get into golf on a budget, this set will be your best bet.

We do not recommend this set for more experienced golfers or for those who have lower handicaps. The clubs that are included will not perform as well as other sets that include game improvement irons.

Benefits & Drawbacks

Most of the big benefits from the Wilson Ultra Set are pretty clear to see. Forgiveness, ease of use, and an all-in-one package are all great. Even some smaller benefits like affordability and slight choice in the club configuration of the set are also greatly appreciated.

But despite these benefits, there are a couple of drawbacks. First is that this set wouldn’t be considered “high quality”. It’s not that the build quality is bad, the build quality just isn’t as good as more expensive sets. Another area where the Ultra lacks is in the club feel department. For beginners, its fine, but slightly more expensive clubs have a much better feel.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Wilson Ultra Golf Club Set is one of the best beginner options on the market. It truly has everything a new golfer would need to get started. Plus it has the added convenience of being slightly adjustable for taller or shorter players.

We should also point out that if you are a more experienced golfer or want a set that you can “grow” into there are other options from Wilson. Sets like the previously mentioned Wilson Ultra Plus are great choices for only a slight price increase. If you want Wilson’s “top-of-the-line” all-in-one package, then the Wilson Profile Platinum is for you.

In the end, we can happily recommend the Wilson Ultra Set to any golfer who is a beginner or is looking to get started golfing. It’s a brand and value that just can’t be beaten by other beginner sets. If you are interested in purchasing the Wilson Ultra Set we recommend Amazon, but you can also find it at some major retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods.

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