TaylorMade have manufactured the SpeedBlade irons for golfers looking to improve both distance and height with their irons. In addition, TaylorMade have designed the club to consistently achieve a solid contact upon hitting the ball with greater control and forgiveness.

Due to the popularity of these irons, we have comprised a comprehensive SpeedBlades Review.

TaylorMade have suggested that for mid to high handicappers they tend to hit their iron shots too low on the face of the club.

The end result is a low landing shot which with the speedpocket technology of the SpeedBlades works to fix.

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The key feature of the SpeedBlades is the speed pocket technology- this is a handle bar shaped slot is positioned in the sole of irons long to mid length.

This helps with flex and the rebound of the ball with impact as there is a larger area of club face. The SpeedPocket is from heel to toe within the 3 to 7 irons.


The SpeedBlades are extremely forgiving clubs- basically, regardless of where you connect ball with club head the result will be a powerful, good hit.

These irons give the flight of a long distance iron but feel much softer in the hands.


According to TaylorMade for handicappers of the 5 to 25 range 72% of shots connect below the centre of the face. This is where the Speed Pocket technology will provide the launch needed for higher and longer shots.

How does it achieve this? The technology works to increase the width and length of the club face which results in the high launch angle.

TaylorMade have also used engineers to cater to the distance-gaps between speed blade irons. This has been achieved through the loft, face thickness, shaft, club length, centre of gravity and speed pocket. The compelte iron set boasts consistent and balanced distance gaps between each club.

As mentioned these clubs are very forgiving so to lose distance could only be done so by a really bad strike.

The Speed Blades also boast Inverted Cone Technology which means there is a large sweet spot for any off centre hits.

The long irons have a larger topline and have been designed to not only provide extra distance but also to enhance the feel of play.


The Speed Blade Irons feature two tone, satin nickel chrome plating with a smoke satin iron plating. They are very aesthetically pleasing irons and their performance matches.

Set Options:

The TaylorMade Speed Blades are available in:

  • Both right and left hand orientation
  • Graphite or steel shafts
  • Regular or stiff flex
  • Different iron combinations

Bottom Line

These irons are game improvement clubs and will definitely increase your confidence. They feel great to golf with and thanks to the forgiveness even off centre hits are nice. Greater distance can be achieved as well as higher launch and ball trajectory. ┬áIf you are looking to improve your golf game then these irons will help immensely. If you are a low handicap golfer you probably won’t find these irons to be as helpful. I hoped you enjoyed the TaylorMade Speedblades┬áreview.

TaylorMade Speedblades
  • Appearance
  • Left and right hand orientation
  • Performance


The TaylorMade Speedblades are irons specifically designed for game improvement. They are exceptionally nice to play with and offer a good level of forgiveness which is needed from time to time. These irons will help achieve a greater distance, higher launch angle as well as ball trajectory.

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