Looking for game improvement irons? Then the TaylorMade RocketBladez are a great place to start! TaylorMade offer customized golf clubs with their classic RocketBladez irons which are slightly cheaper than offer irons of this quality on the market.

What’s so good about RocketBladez? I’m glad you asked, in the following article I’m going to explain and review the irons to help you make the right decision.

TaylorMade RocketBladez Men

TaylorMade Golf Men's RocketBladez High Launch Iron Set: Steel, Right Hand, Stiff, 4-PW, AW

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as of November 14, 2018 6:40 pm


  • Higher lofted heads to promote easier launch
  • Deep undercuts and thin faces to help maximize distance
  • Vibration and sound control system promotes excellent feel and sound

Ladies RocketBladez HL Iron Set

TaylorMade Lady RocketBladez HL Iron Set Right 4-PW,AW TaylorMade Rocketfuel 45 Graphite Ladies N1453903

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as of November 14, 2018 6:40 pm


EAN ListEAN List Element: 0888167118291
Item DimensionsHeight: 4100; Length: 400; Width: 300
Package DimensionsHeight: 500; Length: 4600; Weight: 720; Width: 500
Package Quantity1
Part NumberN1453903
Product GroupSports
TitleTaylorMade Lady RocketBladez HL Iron Set Right 4-PW,AW TaylorMade Rocketfuel 45 Graphite Ladies N1453903
UPC ListUPC List Element: 888167118291

Speed Pocket Technology

The key technology in the RocketBladez irons is a speed pocket feature. This is a weight bar positioned low in the club head. Within the 4-7 irons, the thin face and inverted cone account for increased ball speeds. The material utilised within the speed pocket is polyurethane which is great for reducing vibration. In short, these irons are marketed as game improvers.

Features of RocketBladez

There are many features of these irons so let’s highlight them and then delve deeper into what each means.

  • Higher lofted clubs
  • Easy to launch
  • Deep cavity undercut for straight, long shots
  • Thin face of the clubs creates more rebound at impact
  • Maximum distance and carry
  • Vibration control

Arguably, these irons offer high levels of forgiveness which is sometimes all you need while using your irons. Due to the speed pocket technology these irons are one of the straightest hitting sets available to buy.  Offering quality control and the ability to reduce any unwanted spin, playing with this iron set is going to do wonders for your game.

The RocketBladez are also great for distance control. In comparison with other irons, the RocketBladez won’t differ too much with mis-hits which is great. These irons have been designed for a more classic swings style, for players making a small divot when hitting the ball off the turf.

Marketed as game improvement irons, these seem to be more blade-like making it easier to turn right to left. Game improvement they are- I’m yet to hear a negative review about these irons in regards to game improvement!

Accuracy and Forgiveness

Great for slicing, one of the most accurate and consistent irons for hitting straight, side spin reduced on powerful shots. Forgiveness is important for beginners and intermediate players alike. Why? Well, we can’t always expect to hit the ball perfectly each and every swing, if we could wouldn’t we all be professionals?

Forgiveness can and will make a world of difference in your game play. Through forgiving irons we can also learn to build our confidence, which in turn changes our mindset- a huge factor in your golf whether you believe it or not.

Distance Control

Definitely the best feature, when struck well a great overall length can be predictably and consistently achieved. Specially designed to increase your launch this directly translates to longer and straighter shots.

The higher loft of these club heads means getting the ball up into the air is easy. With a deep undercut construction as well as a very thin face, the rebound impact is amplified which increases your distance.


The ball seems to jump from the club face but in a controlled way. Producing a satisfying crack when a good connection is made. These irons feel good in your hands and perform exceptionally well.

Additional Benefits

The high loft irons feature an adjustable launch angle as well as both regular and stiff shafts. The vibration control system is another great feature.  When purchasing the high loft irons there is also the option to purchase an ‘A’ wedge which is customized for those who are short-hitting.


Many golfers who have purchased the RocketBladez line attest to gaining at least 1 club length further than the average iron. The club will offer a lower trajectory when compared with the SpeedBlade line which depending on your swing can be either good or bad.

For any players who already tend to hit their balls low and tend to play on hilly courses will probably prefer other irons. On the other hand, if you tend to hit high and long then the lower trajectory will be beneficial.

Low Handicap Players

For the low handicap players many will benefit from these irons. Marketed as game improvement irons these really do stand up to that name. Designed with simple, straightforward shots these are sure to improve your play.

High Handicap Players

For the novice or complete beginner who tend to hit slices – the RocketBladez irons will offer the extra control one needs.

Featuring a consistent length and shot pattern, this is going to assist in getting closer to the green. With the high trajectory, courtesy of the high loft line these irons will help with shots as you approach the flag.

Types of Hitters

Power Hitter

Golfers who already have a powerful hit probably won’t notice the extra benefits from these irons as much as other players. The high launch set would be an ideal purchase as they allow a long hitter to use an A wedge to make simple 100 – 125 yard approach after the fairway.

Using high launch irons would result in a troublesome game during high winds, nor on courses where balls tend to lift along the course.

Straight Hitter

For finesse players, these irons would be beneficial if you need the extra distance.

For a causal golfer, the RocketBladez HL would be a fantastic choice. While you don’t need them to manoeuvre the ball around any hazards, you do need consistency as well as trajectory which these irons will offer.

Overall Thoughts

TaylorMade design and manufacture high quality products- there’s no doubt about it. They want to be number one when it comes to the best irons and the RocketBladez are a great choice. These are game improvement irons that will help high handicap players but also low handicap players too.

Compared with other irons, the speed technology is great but so too is the level of forgiveness offered. It is rare to feel like you’ve had a miss-hit when playing with these irons.

Although the name suggests they would be thin, these are what I would consider mid sized heads with a fairly thick top line. This said, the offset was no bigger than that on an average iron.

The loft is much stronger than previous irons, so if this is your downfall then consider trying them out. All components of these irons are high quality with the option of choosing the shaft material, as well as a set for females.

Bottom Line

I hope this TaylorMade RocketBladez hl review provided a bit of insight into the irons. These are a great custom made set alternative to designer clubs. Overall these are balanced, all-round performing clubs which have the forgiveness needed for slightly off swings but rewarding good swings.

TaylorMade RocketBladez
  • Forgiveness
  • Loft
  • Accuracy


The RocketBladez HL irons are the best game improvement irons for both beginners and intermediate players. Featuring speed pocket technology, these irons offer fantastic ball control and trajectory.

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