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Rotary Swing Review

It’s very rare to find two golfers that have the same exact swing. Even the pros have small, and sometimes noticeable, differences between them.

Despite the small differences, each pro has the same identical movement at key points during their swing. And it’s these key movements that let them effortlessly hit longer and more accurate shots than amateur golfers.

Chuck Quinton, the founder of Rotary Swing, has a simple program that can turn any golfer’s swing into a repeatable tour-level swing.

In today’s article, you will get to read our rotary swing review and learn all about Rotary Swing and what it can bring to your golf game. Plus, we will analyze the Rotary Swing program on a cost basis to see if a membership is really worth it.

So if you’re struggling with a slice or a hook, or just want to hit the ball farther, then read on!

Rotary Swing Review – How Does it Work?

While many other swing programs offer a “special technique” or “secret way” to hit the ball perfectly every time, Rotary Swing uses science.

In particular, a combination of intellectual and kinesthetic learning are used. So not only does Rotary Swing teach you why, but also shows you how, to create the best swing.

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All lessons are online and work in a hierarchy. This means you learn small changes and fixes each step of the way that helps you build your swing.

So first you will learn body movement without a club, then how to move with a club, then short swing, then long swing, etc… All the instructors are experts in their respective field and give easy to follow information.

Most of the lessons and information are available in an on-demand video format. Golfers also have the opportunity to submit videos of their swing to the platform for analysis and review of certified Rotary Swing instructors.

On-site training is another option, but with limited locations, it is not as popular as the online course.

Who Can It Help

Because the Rotary Swing program focuses heavily on building a golf swing, new golfers and golfers who are willing to make large changes to their swing can benefit the most. But that doesn’t mean experienced golfers can’t benefit from the program.

With a focus on Kinesiology, or the study of body movement, the Rotary Swing program can help experienced golfers refine their swing. Just a small tweak can help improve distance and accuracy as well as help reduce muscle strain.

So if you like your swing but just want to get the most out of it, the Rotary Swing program is for you.

Another group of golfers that can benefit from the program are those who can’t make it to the course to practice a couple of times a week.

Since all the lessons are available online and most allow for practice at home, you can practice on your time. When you do get time to get to the course for practice, you can focus on applying all the techniques to your full swing.

It’s this flexibility and ease of access that makes the Rotary Swing program appealing to so many types of golfers.

Video Classes

By subscribing to Rotary Swing you get instant access to the entire Rotary Swing Video Library. Everything golf swing related you can think of is covered.

All video series are classified under 8 different categories; Full Golf Swing, Rotary Swing Academy, Videos For You, Short Game, Bonus Series, Golf Fitness, Tour Pros, and Fault/Fixes.

Thanks to this organized hierarchy, you can find the videos that are most important to your game quite easily.

Plus, a step by step video guide helps you find the videos that build upon your last learned skill. Its this step by step learning that makes the Rotary Swing program such an effective teaching tool.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that every video lesson is taught by experts. So it would be the same as going to your local course and getting a lesson from a PGA pro. But unlike a lesson with a PGA pro, the video lessons on Rotary Swing include other experts such as those in the field of body movement.

Swing Analysis & Reviews

Earlier in the review, it was mentioned that on-site swing reviews are available, but at limited places. So to give every golfer enrolled in the Rotary Swing program a chance to have their swing reviewed, the site has a special Swing Analysis section.

Under this section, golfers can upload a short 30 second or less swing video and get feedback and recommendations in as little as one business day.

The process for proper video recording and upload is detailed on Rotary Swing’s website. But here is the basic process for those curious. First, two videos are required; one “down the line” and one “face on”.

Next, upload the videos to Rotary Swing where they will be reviewed in 1-2 business days. After review, you will get feedback and video suggestions based on your swing performance vs the model RST swing.

Regular subscribers can upload a swing video once every two weeks. This allows for proper practice after your last video submission. For golfers who want regular feedback, Rotary Swing offers an unlimited swing review plan.

Currently, this plan is priced at $99 a month. If you want a particular instructor to review your videos, there are different prices based on the instructor.

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Membership Options

Rotary Swing’s membership options are very similar to popular streaming services. You pay a monthly or annual fee and get access to all the videos and training materials available. There are certain upgrades available such as the previously mentioned unlimited swing reviews and one-on-one instruction. Here are the regular membership options:

Monthly Membership:

  • $19.97 per month
  • Full access to the DEAD Drill Learning System
  • Access to other reference videos on the Rotary Swing website

Annual Membership:

  • $197.97 per year ($16.50 per month)
  • Same site access as monthly membership
  • Two free e-books included

Both the monthly and annual membership options get you full access to the Rotary Swing website and video archive. The e-books included with the annual membership are simply all the DEAD Drill videos put into a picture/text format for easy viewing.

Extras that are not included in the regular membership options include unlimited video swing reviews and individual lessons/instruction.

Unlimited video swing reviews are currently priced at $99 per month but depending on your instructor, the price can be as high as $796 per month. Individual in-person lessons are much more expensive.

A two-hour instruction with Chuck Quinton (founder of Rotary Swing) and one-night lodging in Ridgway, CO runs $1,500! Chris Tyler, the RST Director of Certification, also has lessons available in Orlando, Florida for $250 per hour.


There are some significant pros with the Rotary Swing program compared to a traditional golf lesson. First, is the overall convenience. Each and every video is available on-demand as long as you have an internet connection.

Plus, if you purchase the annual edition, the free E-books allow for lessons and swing tips almost anywhere. Imagine trying that with a club pro!

The second advantage of the program is the breadth of videos and lessons. Not only can you get the DEAD Drill videos, but many other videos are included. Have trouble with your chipping?

There’s a video for that. Suffering from a slice? Yup, one for that too. So not only are you able to learn how to create the perfect swing, but how to fix common golfing problems.

Finally, there is the ability to get certified swing reviews from Rotary Swing instructors. Yes, you might only be able to get a swing review once every two weeks (assuming you don’t purchase the unlimited swing review package).

But the feedback will point you to the right videos and lessons to get you closer to the perfect golf swing. Many other online golf swing programs do not offer swing reviews to regular members as Rotary Swing does.


While the Rotary Swing program has many positives, there are still some downsides. First and foremost is that for the majority of those who use the program, they will never be able to get in-person one-on-one instruction.

Unless you are willing to shell out large sums of money for an in-person lesson, its never going to happen. So if you want hands-on personalized lessons, then the Rotary Swing program will leave you disappointed.

Another slight negative of the Rotary Swing program is the pricing model. Paying monthly for media is a common occurrence. But what ends up happening to most people is that they only use the service once or twice a month.

Effectively, you never owned the content and never got your true money’s worth. You could even forget you’re subscribed and continue to pay without using the service. Of course, this isn’t Rotary Swing’s fault (they need to make money) but you need to be aware that this might happen.

So Is Rotary Swing Worth It?

testimonial rotary swingNow that you know everything about the Rotary Swing program, the question is – is it worth it? In our opinion, the overall program is worth the cost. The main reason for this because of the information to price ratio.

Take, for example, a typical lesson with a PGA certified pro at your local course. At the bare minimum, you will be paying $1 a minute for a lesson. More prestigious courses and areas with a higher cost-of-living will see double and even triple this cost.

So in a 1-hour lesson, you will pay at least $60 to gain the knowledge of what is wrong with your swing and some ways to fix it. Because not everything can be fixed in a simple 1-hour lesson, you may need to come back for a second lesson to build upon your first.

Now we can compare what that $60 can get you with Rotary Swing.

Assuming you pay for the monthly subscription, $60 will get you 3 months of site access. In this amount of time you will easily be able to complete the entire DEAD Drill program as well as learn other important swing and game skills.

In addition to the videos, you can also have your swing reviewed 6 times. These reviews give you similar feedback to an in-person lesson and direct you to the right videos to fix any issues.

Hopefully, this example and price comparison show just how much of a value Rotary Swing provides. Of course, the caveat to this is that you use the site to its full potential.

Overall though, the Rotary Swing program is highly recommended and is a fantastic resource for golfers looking to refine their game.

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Austin is college senior at Wilkes University who in addition to studying has been playing and perfecting his golf game over the past 8 years. An advanced player he has extensive knowledge about the game and the equipment used. In addition to playing the sport he has also worked in a pro shop meaning he knows exactly what people are looking for and wanting in golf apparel and equipment. This along with his excellent writing abilities means he brings nothing but the best articles to the readers at Golf Accessories Reviews.

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