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Rain or Shine Golf Review

For many golfers, hitting up the links is a fun hobby as well as a stress reliever after a long week. But sometimes you just can’t get on the course to play a round. Be it rain, a tournament, or even a full personal schedule, a relaxing round of golf just may not be possible. So how do you play golf when you can’t make it to the course?

Well, if you can’t make it to the course why not bring it to your home! This is where Rain or Shine Golf steps in. Offering many different indoor golf simulators and launch monitors, Rain or Shine Golf can help get you the perfect indoor golf setup. With expert advice and industry low prices, you can’t go wrong!

In this review guide, we will be taking a closer look at Rain or Shine Golf and all that they offer. While product categories will be reviewed, so will other important areas such as customer service and warranty coverage. So let’s hop right in!

Rain or Shine Golf Review

Who is Rain or Shine Golf?

Rain or Shine Golf is the leader in online sales of golf simulators and launch monitors. The company’s focus is to get its customers the best indoor golf solutions available. This means that the company provides advice, planning, and even financing to golfers looking to purchase an indoor golf simulator.

The company prides itself in providing golfers with the newest and most exciting golf equipment on the market. Plus, if you call Rain or Shine Golf you will get a real golfer who knows the game and what a golfer needs. So Rain or Shine Golf isn’t just another online golf retailer. It’s a company of golf lovers looking to help other fanatics get the right equipment and accessories.

While the company mainly sells through its website, they also have a company office located in Charlotte, North Carolina. For golfers looking for a personal touch, you may be able to get in-person suggestions and help if you are near the company’s office.golf simulator

What Do They Sell?

As mentioned in the introduction, Rain or Shine Golf specializes in creating indoor golf simulator packages. So the majority of their products revolve around simulators and launch monitors. But other categories of golf covered include Hitting Bays, Golf Mats, Nets, and Projectors. You won’t find any other items like clubs or balls; just indoor golfing essentials.

Indoor golf simulator packages are the best selling items on the site, but most cost a pretty penny. Most packages fall somewhere between $3,000 and $10,000. But budget options are available for a much lower price. Golfers who don’t want a simulator but would rather a launch monitor will find prices below $2,000 for a full package.

Hitting Bays, Golf Mats, and Projectors can be purchased separately from what is offered in simulator packages. Prices vary, but most products are on the more expensive side since they are from high-quality manufacturers and carry longer warranties. Of course, if you are looking to put together a simulator yourself it would be best to contact Rain or Shin Golf directly so they can help you put together the best package possible.hitting nets

Are They Trustworthy?

Consumers shopping online need to worry about whether a company itself is trustworthy and if the products it sells are the real deal. In the case of Rain or Shine Golf, you can rest easy knowing that both the company and its products are top-shelf.

Rain or Shine Golf’s website comes with sitewide SSL encryption keeping all your personal and payment information safe. Speaking of payments, customers can use major credit cards, including American Express, as well as PayPal and Shopify Pay. The website also boasts over 1,000 reviews from satisfied customers showing their love for Rain or Shine Golf.

Since Rain or Shine Golf is an authorized dealer of all the brands offered on their site means that you can trust that each product comes straight from the manufacturer with its original warranty. By being an authorized dealer, Rain or Shine Golf can offer lower prices than any other online store. They even offer a Price Match Guarantee (more on this later).

Additionally, if you happen to have any questions or problems a Rain or Shine Golf representative is just a call away. So trust the thousands of positive reviews and trust Rain or Shine Golf to treat you right.customer testimonials

Customer Service

Great customer service is something that is expected of any modern business. But the customer service at Rain or Shine Golf isn’t just great, it’s extraordinary! In just one phone call you can get in contact with a knowledgeable representative that can answer any question about the company’s products.

When looking to purchase a custom indoor golf simulator it is important to have someone that can guide you through the process. Because with costs in the thousands and sometimes tens of thousands, it’s best to know exactly what you need. A quick call or email to customer support will get you in touch with a specialist who can help you pick the perfect indoor golf simulator.

Unlike other companies that forget about you after the sale is complete, Rain or Shine Golf is willing to go the extra mile. After purchase services include product troubleshooting as well as warranty processing. So if you ever encounter a problem or feel lost, give the experts at Rain or Shine Golf a call. They’ll get it sorted out in no time!golf launch monitors

Price Guarantee/Warranty

While we have already discussed Rain or Shine Golf having a Price Guarantee, we will take a closer look at what this policy entails. First, the Price Guarantee means that you will get the best deals and pay the lowest price when purchasing through the website. If customers find a lower price within one week of purchase, a simple email with proof of price can be sent to Rain or Shine Golf’s customer service. A refund will be issued no questions asked.

There are some limitations though. When requesting a price match, the competitor company must be an online store that is an authorized retailer for the product in question. No wholesale or discounter websites are allowed, such as eBay, Overstock, Costco, etc. Like with other price match programs, coupons and other promotions are also ineligible.

Another important feature of Rain or Shine Golf is the extension of manufacturer warranties. Since the company is an authorized retailer, all products sold come with the original warranty. Plus, Rain or Shine Golf can help their customers get in contact with the manufacturer to start a claim. Other online stores that are not authorized retailers will not be able to transfer the original manufacturer warranty, making it a risky purchase. So you can rest easy that if you have any problems, you will be covered.hitting mats

Bottom Line

It’s easy to see why Rain or Shine Golf has grown to be the online leader in custom golf simulators. With high-quality products and outstanding customer service, no other specialized retailer can compete. Add in a price guarantee policy and it’s just icing on the cake!

One thing that customers will find is that many of the products offered on Rain or Shine Golf are higher priced. So if you are on a very tight budget, Rain or Shine might not be the best place to try and purchase a golf simulator. But for those golfers looking for their dream indoor golf setup, Rain or Shine is simply the best.

Overall, if you are in the market for indoor golf simulators, you can’t go wrong purchasing it from Rain or Shine Golf. From initial questions to after-sale support, you will never feel alone in the buying process. So go ahead and buy your dream golf simulator from Rain or Shine Golf, and start playing more golf today!

Austin is college senior at Wilkes University who in addition to studying has been playing and perfecting his golf game over the past 8 years. An advanced player he has extensive knowledge about the game and the equipment used. In addition to playing the sport he has also worked in a pro shop meaning he knows exactly what people are looking for and wanting in golf apparel and equipment. This along with his excellent writing abilities means he brings nothing but the best articles to the readers at Golf Accessories Reviews.

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