Ping Rapture irons are a fantastic game improver for amateurs to professional golfers. Using the latest technology, Ping has manufactured these irons for high performance and as a game improver club. The following post will review and examine the Ping Rapture Irons Specs.

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Ping Rapture Iron Specs

Iron  Loft Length Offset Lie Bounce Swing Weight Dexterity
Ping Rapture 2-iron 18.50° 39.25″ 0.32″ 58.67° -3.0° C9 RH/LH
Ping Rapture 3-iron 21.00° 38.75″ 0.30″ 59.32° -2.0° C9 RH/LH
Ping Rapture 4-iron 24.00° 38.25″ 0.29″ 60.02° 0.0° C9 RH/LH
Ping Rapture 5-iron 27.00° 37.75″ 0.28″ 60.75° 2.0° C9 RH/LH
Ping Rapture 6-iron 30.50° 37.25″ 0.26″ 61.50° 4.0° C9 RH/LH
Ping Rapture 7-iron 34.00° 36.75″ 0.25″ 62.28° 6.0° C9 RH/LH
Ping Rapture 8-iron 38.00° 36.25″ 0.24″ 63.10° 8.0° C9 RH/LH
Ping Rapture 9-iron 42.00° 35.75″ 0.23″ 63.95° 10.0° C9 RH/LH
Ping Rapture PW 46.00° 35.50″ 0.21″ 64.38° 11.0° D1 RH/LH
Ping Rapture UW 50.00° 35.50″ 0.19″ 64.38° 12.0° D1 RH/LH
Ping Rapture SW 54.00° 35.25″ 0.17″ 64.70° 13.0° D3 RH/LH
Ping Rapture LW 58.00° 35.00″ 0.15″ 65.11° 14.0° D5 RH/LH

Key Features

  • Titanium face, steel body and tungsten toe weight for high performance
  • The high density tungsten extra toe weight of 25g enhances the perimeter weighting which in turn provides more stability and forgiveness.

These irons are designed with a wide sole and an oversized head which will help get the distance needed.

The weight has been positioned into the toe and along with a low centre of gravity these irons will provide a high launch trajectory.

Featuring multi-material design the clubs have a stainless steel body and a titanium club face. The toe weight is accounted for with tungsten. Together, these clubs offer forgiveness without compromising on distance.

In addition to this the thin face promotes greater distance while golfing.

Men's Ping Rapture Irons

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  • Type: Iron Set
  • Gender: Mens
  • Condition: USED - 'Good'

Ping Rapture Irons

These irons have been manufactured as game improvement clubs for the mid to high level golfers. They are very easy to hit and will help high handicappers reduced their play to mid handicappers and mid handicappers to low.

The forgiveness of this set will mean your shots will go straight regardless of whether your swing is good or bad. Due to the material composition these clubs don’t need to be hit with immense power to have a distant shot.

If you struggle to hit hybrids then the Ping Rapture Irons are a good solution. This set offers much more versatility than hybrids and can be a lot more rewarding and fun to play with.

The wide sole and high density tungsten have worked to increase the Moment of Inertia (MOI) which gives the club a spin similar to that of a 2-iron.

The thickness technology utilized by Ping increases the speed of the ball which in turn increases the launch velocity. Along with the titanium face the ball will be hit with maximum force. These features work together to provide a consistently high, yet accurate ball trajectory. Thus leading to easier shots and better golf.

Of course when making the switch to these clubs, like any equipment change will take some getting used to. These irons are still very easy to hit but with practice you will be out performing your former golfing self.

While there are many manufactures the Ping Rapture Irons feature the tungsten toe weight which allows for hitting the ball when and if necessary.

While the set is not cheap, they boast all the features a keen golfer needs for game improvement while feeling great and easy to use. If you have the budget and are considering purchasing this set then I would not think twice.

Bottom Line0

If you are looking for game improvement irons then these irons will be good.  The Ping Rapture Irons Specs are something you are already probably familiar and wondering if the price makes them worth it.

Ping Rapture Irons
  • Performance
  • Design
  • Material


The Ping Rapture Irons are game improvement clubs for amateurs up to professionals. If you have a high handicap these irons will certainly help to reduce that.


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