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Ping G400 Max Driver Review

Ping has always been a top of the line golf club manufacturer that pushes the limits on performance and quality. And the G400 series of clubs takes Ping to an all-new level in distance and forgiveness. In today’s article, we will be taking a look at just one club from the G400 line up; the Ping G400 Max Driver.

Specifically, we’ll be looking at the key features and technology of the G400 Max and how they work to create solid distance and great forgiveness. There will even be a section where we discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the G400 Max. And in case you get through the article and feel the G400 Max isn’t the right driver for you, we’ll list some other Ping drivers that you may be interested in.

Ping G400 Max Driver Review

PING G400 Max

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  • Ping G400 Max
  • Keeping the forged face thin creates more discretionary weight. This allows for considerable tungsten weighting and a higher-density back weight to achieve a combined MOI over 9,900 and the deepest CG ever, producing the tightest dispersion in golf.
  • The thin T9S+ forged face flexes more to ramp up ball speed for generating consistently long, straight drives. Also, the face is textured to increase friction for reducing spin, and a new face pattern forms a captured look with the ball.

Key Features

Just like Ping has been doing for the last decade, the G400 Max Driver was an update from the last G series driver. So some key features might be the same, but a few are brand new. Here are the four most important key features.

  • T9S+ Forged Face
  • Aerodynamic Crown
  • Tungsten Weighting
  • Adjustable Hosel

All four of these key features directly affect the G400 Max Driver’s performance. We will discuss the T9S+ Forged Face and Aerodynamic Crown in the next section that focuses on technology. But we will take a look at the Tungsten Weighting and Adjustable Hosel in this section.

Tungsten weighting was an effective feature on the last G series driver and has been updated for the G400 Max Driver. Engineers at Ping moved the weighting lower in the clubhead creating a larger MOI and better center of gravity. The included Adjustable Hosel is the same as other modern Ping drivers and offers about 1 degree of loft adjustment.


Now we can talk about the newer technology that made its way onto the G400 Max. First is the T9S+ Forged Face. This is a special forging process that makes the titanium face of the G400 max extra thin with improved flex. Both the thinness and flex create higher ball speeds for consistently long drives.

The Aerodynamic Crown also plays a large part in the driver’s ability to cut through the air and increase swing speed. This is particularly helpful for senior golfers who might have trouble getting the same swing speed as they may have in their earlier years.

Who can benefit most from this club

Honestly, the Ping G400 Max Driver can benefit almost any golfer. Thanks to its advanced forgiveness and exceptional distance, all golfers have something to gain. But if there was one group in particular that can have the most benefit, it would be slower swinging golfers. This is because of the G400’s focus on increasing ball and swing speed.

Also, there is one group of golfers who probably won’t benefit all that much from the G400 Max Driver and that’s beginner golfers. It’s not that beginner’s won’t be able to use the G400 Max, its just that they will not be able to use it to its true potential.

Benefits & Drawbacks

At this point, it’s quite clear that the main benefits of the Ping G400 Max Driver are its exceptional distance and excellent forgiveness. Some other benefits we didn’t specifically talk about are its adjustability and overall lightness. But with modern high-end drivers, these features should be expected.

There are really no drawbacks to the G400 Max other than the price ($500+) and the somewhat ugly brown/orange shaft. With that said, the shaft can be changed out quite easily as long as it has a modern ping adaptor on it.

Other Ping Drivers To Consider

As noted in the last section of our review guide, the Ping G400 Max Driver is quite expensive. With most golfers not having half a grand laying around to purchase a single club, there are some more affordable Ping alternatives.

First would be the G400 Max’s predecessor, the Ping G30. New and used examples should be significantly cheaper while retaining a similar amount of distance and forgiveness as the G400 Max. If you want to go even further back you could get a Ping G20 driver. But this would have to on the second-hand market as brand new examples are probably not available.

Bottom Line

You’ve made it to the end of our review of the Ping G400 Max Driver! We hope that this review has answered all your questions and helped you understand if the G400 Max is the right driver for your golf bag. If you are still on the fence about whether or not to get the G400 here is our advice.

First, determine if you are going to benefit significantly from the G400 Max. Because at $500+ you should really see individual improvement for the club to be worth the investment. Next, make sure you can get the club to fit your swing. Ping is phasing the G400 series out, so make sure you are still able to find the G400 Max Driver with the right loft, lie, and shaft for your individual game. If you are unable to find a configuration that works, you might need to get a third party shaft.

Overall though, the Ping G400 Max Driver is an outstanding driver. Backed by Ping technology and craftsmanship it will continue to find, and split, fairways for years to come.

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