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Lead Tape For Golf – Fix Your Flaws Today

Of all the accessories and tools in golf, one, in particular, seems to go under the radar for most amateur golfers because of a lack of knowledge and experience. That is lead tape. Lead tape in golf is used for various reasons and can be applied to any club. For example, you can use lead to help you fix a slice, a hook, achieve more distance, and more.

The purpose of lead tape is to add additional weight to a specific part of your golf club to affect the ball flight in some way. As an example, if you slice the ball, you can add a bit of lead tape to the heel of the club to influence the clubhead to turn over and straighten out the drive.

If you hook the ball, you can add a strip of lead tape to the toe of the club to influence the clubface to remain square at impact.

Once you discover the potential of lead tape, there is sure to be a way that you can think of to include it with your golf game. Let’s discuss the benefits and uses of this tool for your golf game and much more.

Lead Tape For Golf

What is Lead Tape?

Lead tape packet

Lead tape is exactly as it sounds; a strip of lead with an adhesive on the back so it can easily be applied to any part of the club.

The lead tape’s increased weight will slow down your swing and allow you to perform the swing correctly. It also alters the center of gravity to allow you to manipulate your ball flight. 

Lead tape is sold by a variety of manufacturers, including golf-specific companies like Maxfli. You can purchase it in individually cut strips and rolls that you can cut to the length of your choice.

You can find lead tape online for relatively cheap and experiment with it on your golf clubs. 

This tool will increase the weight of the club, which will increase the swing weight. This is the preference that some golfers are seeking when using this kind of tape on their clubs. 

How Can It Be Used?

Lead tape can be used for a large variety of different purposes, including the few that we discussed earlier. If any of these situations apply to your game, you may want to consider giving it a try on whatever club you choose.

Although it’s not a cure-all by any means, placing it in varying areas of the club will affect the feel and performance by manipulating the center of gravity of the clubhead.

Cleaning iron for the lead tape


For a slice, lead tape can be placed on the heel of the club to close the face at impact for straighter, longer golf shots. This will help you avoid that shot that kills your distance while peeling out of play to the right. 


Similarly to a slice, lead tape can assist in curing a hook by applying it to the toe of the club to assist in squaring the clubface at impact. If you often lose shots out to the left, this is something to consider. 

Head Weight

If you’re the type of player who simply prefers the feeling of a heavier golf club, you can apply lead weight to the club’s center to achieve a heavier club head. Not only will this make you feel more comfortable with your club (if that’s your preference) it can also lead to longer, straighter golf shots. 

Counter Weighting

Some professionals, including Jack Nicklaus and Sergio Garcia, have been known to apply lead tape underneath their golf club grips to counter the clubhead’s weight. This can assist in increasing your swing speed by making the clubhead feel lighter.

Does It Actually Work?

Applying lead tape will automatically fix any issue you’re hoping to overcome would be untruthful but, it will assist in solving the issues that we listed and creating a golf club that fits your specific preferences. In a game that’s heavily based on confidence and feel, this one tool can help increase both. 

Is It Allowed?

Yes, golf tape is legal to use in competitive golf. According to Rule 14-3 of the USGA rule book, “Lead tape may be applied to the head or shaft of the club to add weight.” According to the rules, you can use lead tape on any golf club you’d like in any competition which makes it important to consider if you believe that it could assist your game. 


Do pro golfers use lead tape?Rickie Fowler with golf lead tape on club

Lead tape is more common on the PGA Tour than you may think. Players have been using this tool to adjust their clubs for many decades and still do today. 

Does lead tape add distance?

In theory, lead tape can increase distance but you would need to apply a considerable amount to notice a real difference. If you’re simply searching for a significant increase in your distance, lead tape is likely not the answer. 

Is lead tape dangerous?

Like anything made with lead, you should be careful when using it. Always wear gloves when you apply the tape and avoid long periods of direct contact with the material itself. It’s important not to store your lead tape in your golf bag because it can break down and stick to other gear.

Where can I buy lead tape?

It can be purchased at some golf shops and online for an affordably low price. You will have the option to buy it in spools or in individually cut pieces.

How heavy is lead tape?

A one-inch strip will weigh up to 2 grams depending on the thickness of the tape that you use.

Bottom Line

Now that we have discussed the potential of lead tape and how you can use it for your game, it’s up to you to tinker with it and find out how it can assist you. It’s important to remember that it’s not a guaranteed fix that will have you hitting shots like a professional, but it does have its benefits when used correctly.

If you’re the type of player who gets lessons regularly, talk to your PGA professional to determine if this is something that can benefit you. Since they will know the strengths and weaknesses of your game, they will tell you how you can go about using this tool.

Next time you’re on the golf course, take note of the types of shots that plague your game, along with the feeling that you have with each club, to begin thinking about how lead tape can help you. With a few simple steps, you can alter your golf clubs’ feel in a large variety of ways to achieve the feel that you prefer in any club.

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