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How to Start a Golf Cart

Golf carts are a great way to go around the neighborhood or golf course while enjoying the views with your family and friends or even a cigar like those reviewed on Cigar Cigar Info. Non-golfers also use them because they offer plenty of room for both equipment and passengers. But like every other vehicle, they need maintenance, and if not maintained properly, you might have to replace them sooner than later.

It is best to maintain and take great care of them so you can minimize your expenses.

However, you do not have to call a professional every time your golf cart is having issues. Some common problems can be resolved in minutes. That is why, if you find that your golf cart is having trouble starting, do not panic. More often than not, there’s a simple solution to your problems.

We have listed some of the most common reasons behind this issue and their solutions.

Take a look at a few of these solutions below.

Starting Your Golf Cart

Here is how you can start your golf cart.

Check the oil of the golf cart before starting it. Also, make sure to check for any flat tires before starting the golf cart. It will help prevent any unfortunate circumstances.golf cart on the course

Switch the driver select lever to a position in which you want to move the golf cart. Now fasten the seat belt if your golf cart has one.

Now take the keys and insert them in the keyhole of the golf cart. Turn it to the “on” position. If the cart’s engine is already warm, you can start it immediately. However, if the engine is cold, pull out the choke knob and keep holding it outwards while the engine starts.

When Warm

Once the engine is warm, you can release the knob and place it back in its position. Release the parking brake and press lightly on the accelerator pedal.

The gas golf cart will begin to move. You can press the accelerator with force if you want to increase the speed of your golf cart. Make sure to turn on the headlights if you are driving the golf cart at night.

If your golf cart does not start you’ve taken with the directions listed above, we have listed some common problems below. Read the complete article to get back on track.

Types of Golf Carts

There are several types of golf carts in the market. Listed below are the commonly used types.

Gas Carts

Gas golf carts are one of the oldest golf carts, as they were invented in 1957. male golfer sitting on his golf cartThe engine of gas golf carts is similar to that of a car. Unlike electric golf carts, they do not run on batteries and need frequent oil changes. They also produce a lot of noise but recall that the speed is better than the electric golf carts.

If your gas golf cart does not start following the steps listed above, it might be due to the reasons mentioned below.

Gas loses its combustibility because it’s volatile compounds oxidize over time. The expiration period of gas is around three to six months. If you have not used the golf cart during this period and the cart does not start, it might be because the gas inside the engine is unstable.

To solve this problem, empty the engine from the old gas and fill it with new gas.

Engine Problems

Another problem that arises from not using the golf cart for longer periods is that it does not work. To avoid this problem, take a fuel stabilizer and mix it with the gas in the engine. It would prevent the fuel from deteriorating when the golf cart is not in use.

It is best to run the golf cart before parking it in winters to finish the fuel as much as possible.

If your golf cart’s air filter is not properly sealed before you park it for the winters, water droplets may fall into the air filter. These droplets can freeze inside the filter in frigid weather and cause issues when you start the golf cart after winter.

To prevent this issue, it is advised to ensure that the air filter is properly sealed every time you park your cart. If your air filter does not close, you should replace it as soon as possible.

Electric Golf Carts

Electric carts are environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, and use electric batteries that can be charged to run the engine. They also cost a lot less than the gas golf carts.

Golf cart on courseListed below are some common issues that can prevent the electric golf cart from starting.

If your electric golf cart is not starting, check the batteries and see if they need to be charged or watered. If you have not used the golf cart for a long time, it is advised to check the batteries’ lifespan. Older batteries are prone to corrosion. However, the batteries can last for around 4 to 5 years if taken care of properly.

If the batteries of your electric golf cart work fine, it might not start due to solenoid breakdown. The solenoid is used as an electromagnet that converts magnetic energy into electrical energy. It is one of the main components that start automobiles, including electric golf carts. It usually produces a clicking sound when you start the golf cart. If you do not hear that sound anymore, you should call a professional.

Another common reason that prevents the gold cart from starting is burnt motors. To check if the motor is working fine, attach it with a battery other than yours. If it does not start, then you need to repair or replace the motor.

How to Start a Golf Cart Without Keys

Losing keys is very common but can be frustrating. If you do not have the time to call a car key locksmith, you can follow the steps listed below to troubleshoot.

If there are other golf carts of a similar brand around you, borrow their keys from the owners and try to start your golf cart with them. Most keys from similar brands have the same shape and size.

If the method mentioned above does not work, take a screwdriver and turn on the power to the ignition. Now insert the tip of the screwdriver in the ignition switch and move it a little bit. It will unlock the switch, and the golf cart will start. If your golf cart has an anti-theft feature, it will not start with a screwdriver. In this case, it is advised to call your golf cart dealer to get a duplicate key.

That is the extent of many of the problems present within the golf cart experience. If you have further concerns, you may want to reach out to a professional.

Have fun on your outings and keep your golf cart in tip-top shape.

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