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How to Clean Golf Grips – The Right Way

Golf is a game of style and confidence, and it’s difficult to have either if your golf grips are dirty and worn out. If you are looking for a solution on how to clean golf grips, look no further than this article.

We will be breaking down the best way to clean your golf grips to make them fresh again and to give them a longer life on the course!

How to Clean Golf Grips

Avoid Dirty GripsMud golf course

After spending a lot of time practicing and playing with your golf clubs, the dirt and oils from your hands will begin to build upon your grips. This build-up makes them less tacky and makes the grip considerably less effective at staying firmly in your hand. 

When your grip becomes dirty and the tackiness has gone away, you will notice the club sliding and turning in your hand, and you will have a difficult time controlling your club during the swing. It can also take away from the visual appeal of your grips if they appear dirty and used.

Dirt and grime may not be as noticeable on all black grips, but you can feel when the grip is losing its effectiveness by feeling if the grip is tacky or not, especially when held with a dry glove. When it comes to the light-colored or white grips, it can be easy to tell when the grip is dirty as it will be easy to see.

Grip Wipes and SpraysSpray bottle in persons blue gloved hand

There are numerous ways to go about cleaning your golf grips, with some being more effective than others. Whatever you decide to clean them with is up to you as long as you have a method that will clean the grip without affecting the materials negatively.

One of the easiest ways to clean your golf clubs is by using a wipe that has been specifically designed to do just that. Companies on the market create wipes designed to clean golf grips to refresh them back to being tacky and clean. Companies like Pro Play, Karma Golf, and Simple Green have products like sprays and wipes designed for grip cleaning.

This type of cleaning is perfect when you’re in a pinch and need to have your grips cleaned when you’re on the move. These products can be tucked into your golf bag and available at a moment’s notice without taking up a lot of room.

The popular grip sprays and wipes are designed to be fast-drying, so you don’t have to wait for your grips to dry. You can easily clean your grips before around and have them dried before you tee off on the first hole. You can purchase these types of grip cleaning solutions online for anywhere between $5-$15 from various golf retailers.

Cleaning Cord GripsMan using cord grips

More commonly than any type of golf grip wipe or spray is the classic solution of using warm water, soap, and a rag to clean your golf grips.

As an avid golfer, I will wash my grips using this method several times throughout the year to clean any grime that may have built up.

Take a bucket of warm water and mix in mild dish soap or laundry detergent as your cleaning solution. You’ll also need a rag for cleaning, a soft-bristled brush (for cord grips), and a dry towel for drying.

If you’re cleaning rough cord-style grips, you can use a soft-bristled brush to deep clean all areas of the grip and ensure that you don’t miss anything. Because of this grip style’s rubber and cord material, a soft brush will not damage the grip.

After the brushing, use a wet rag to clean any other areas of the grip. Finally, a dry towel will dry the drip before you let it air dry until you don’t feel any moisture.

Cleaning Soft Synthetic GripsMan showing synthetic golf grip

If you are cleaning a soft synthetic style grip, use only a wet rag with warm water and scrub gently to clean any dirt and restore the grip’s feel and tackiness.

Avoid using any type of soap or detergent with this type of grip, as it could lead to damage to the grip material.

You will then dry it with a dry rag and allow it to air dry until it’s dry to the touch. You can also fry your grips with a blow dryer if you have one available. Always avoid putting your grips away soaking wet as it will take considerably longer to dry that way and could negatively affect them.

Time to Replace Your GripsReplacing grips

If you take your time and clean the golf grips properly to find that they are still not tacky and feel hard and smooth to the touch, it’s time for you to replace your grips. These signs mean that the grip has surpassed its lifespan and should be replaced.

You can regrip your golf clubs from home with the correct gear, or you can take them to a golf shop to have them regripped. There are many grips to choose from, so make sure that you do some research and try out a few different styles before you make a decision.


How often should I clean my golf grips?

This question depends entirely on how often you play and practice. If you’re a player that swings their clubs several times a week, you will want to clean your grips every couple of months. If you play once or a month or so, you can get away with only cleaning your grips once or twice a year.

One easy way to determine this is by constantly cleaning them once you feel like they have lost their tackiness. You’ll soon notice that the increase in performance and feel with a clean grip is well worth the effort!

Can you use rubbing alcohol on golf grips?

Rubbing alcohol can be used to clean rubber grips but should be avoided when cleaning soft synthetic materials. Rubbing alcohol helps clean rubber white grips as it does a great job of breaking down any dirt or buildup.

How do I avoid dirty golf grips?

Since golf is played outdoors, it will be nearly impossible to avoid some sort of dirt, oils, and buildup accumulating on your grips, but there are ways to lessen the time between cleaning.

First of all, always try to avoid setting them directly on the ground as this is the fastest way to make your grips dirty.

Second, a golf bag with dividers to keep your grips from rubbing against one another is an effective way of keeping your grips clean and fresh.

Third, avoid buying grips with light colors like white unless you understand that these grips will need to be cleaned more often to look fresh.

How do golf grip sizes work?Grip size

When talking about golf grip sizes, it can be slightly confusing. We will avoid discussing putter sizes and focus more on the iron/driver/wedge style grip for this discussion. This type of grip comes in several different sizes and is fitted to a player based on preference and hand size.

For example, there are Junior/Undersized, Standard, Midsized, and Jumbo/Oversized. Each of these sizes is a good fit for different types of players.

To determine your suggested grip size, search the term ‘Golf Grip Size Chart,’ and you will find plenty of charts that use hand measurements to estimate the best grip for you.

Additionally, you can go to a golf pro shop or store specializing in regripping clubs and try the different sizes in person to decide what you like most.

Bottom Line

Do you have a few grips in mind in your golf bag that could use a good cleaning? Before you start the next golf season, check on your grips and give them a good deep cleaning. You will be surprised at how easily you can bring your grips back to life.

Not only will it improve your confidence and feel as you stand over the ball, but it will also enhance the overall results of your swings because of the golf club’s ability to stay firmly in your hands when you have fresh, clean grips. When you clean your grips frequently and avoid having too much buildup, you can easily extend your grips’ life by several seasons.

Remember, before you begin cleaning your grips, it’s essential to understand what kind of material your grips are made of, as this will determine the cleaning method.

Rubber/cord grips can be cleaned with cleaning soaps and detergents, a scrub brush, and warm water. Soft/synthetic materials should be cleaned with only warm water and a rag.

You can dry any of the common grip styles with a hairdryer for fast results, or you can air dry them for the same results over a more extended period. Once the grips are dry, you can toss them back in your bag and hit the course!

Bill is an expert in all things golf. With over 40 years of experience, he is an excellent golfer (playing to a handicap of 8) highly skilled in golf equipment, swing mechanics and instruction methodologies. Bill is a regular contributor imparting his knowledge and expertise to the readers at Golf Accessories Reviews.

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