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Garmin Approach G80 Review

Handheld Golf GPS units have quickly become the go-to golf accessory for all types of golfers. It’s the simple yet powerful ability to get precise distances to the green and hazards that make them so useful. Plus if you like to travel, handheld units come pre-programmed with over 30,000+ courses across the globe! But what if your golf GPS could do more? What if it could also act as a mini launch monitor?

Welcome the Garmin Approach G80, a two-in-one GPS and launch monitor. And in today’s article, we will present you with our Garmin Approach G80 review. An in-depth look at the unit, its features, and how it can change your golf game will be included. We’ll even compare the benefits of the unit with some of its biggest drawbacks.

So if you are ready to learn more about the Garmin Approach G80 and if you should add it to your golf bag, then read on!

Garmin Approach G80 Review

Garmin Approach G80

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  • Features 3. 5” sunlight-readable touchscreen display and slim design with quick button access to radar
  • Integrated launch monitor tracks club head speed, ball speed, smash factor, swing tempo and estimated distance
  • Preloaded with more than 41, 000 detailed color golf course maps worldwide
  • Practice and game modes allow you to test your skills and work to improve your game
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 15 hours with GPS; Club head speed accuracy: +/- 5 mph

Key Features

Because the Approach G80 is a two-in-one unit, it has many different features. But here are the five most important features for golfers.

  • 3.5” Display (Diagonal)
  • 41,000 Courses Pre-installed
  • 15 Hour Rechargeable Battery
  • +/- 5MPH Swing Speed Accuracy
  • Compatible With Garmin Golf App

Just from these five key features, it’s easy to see that the Garmin Approach G80 is a top tier golf GPS unit. The 3.5” full-color display is easy to read in the sun and outlines a hole and its information in a relatively simplistic manner. Over 41,000 courses come pre-installed with the G80, putting it in line with other higher-end Garmin and Bushnell GPS units.

A 15-hour rechargeable battery is quite good for a full-color unit and also helps increase the time you can use the unit in launch monitor mode. Speaking of the launch monitor mode, it is pretty accurate and offers golfers data such as club head and ball speed, tempo, and smash factor.

Who should use the GPS

Honestly, every golfer should have some form of distance finding. With that said it’s also important to note who should, and should not, use the Approach G80. Let’s start with those who should not use the Approach G80.

Beginning golfers and those who only play a handful of times a year should probably avoid this unit. It’s not that this group can’t benefit from the unit, it’s just that you will never get your money’s worth. Because at $500 you need to use the device to its full potential for it to be a worthwhile purchase.

Now, unto those who should use this unit. Dedicated golfs who always find themselves at the course or range will definitely be able to use the Approach G80 to its full potential. Golfers who travel to different courses are also a group the Approach G80 will appeal to. So if you find yourself in one of these categories, the Approach G80 would be a worthwhile purchase.

Ease of Use

Using the Approach G80 is a breeze thanks to its large touch screen.G80 Garmin Approach Just by swiping and tapping golfers can maneuver through the menus and interact with the distance system with ease. A simple tap anywhere on the displayed hole will show the exact distance to the selected area. The G80 also features a pinch and pull zoom feature while in GPS mode.

Using the launch monitor is as simple as pressing the quick launch button. Then, just set the unit at a slight angle (using a ball or tee) facing the impact area and swing away! All your swing statistics will be displayed in easy to read large font.

Benefits & Drawbacks

By now it’s quite clear that the Garmin Approach G80 has lots of benefits to offer. From an easy to use the touchscreen to a take anywhere swing monitor, the G80 seems to have it all. And the truth is, it does.

But of course, you can’t just have everything. Because there are two significant drawbacks with the Approach G80. First is the price. At $500, the Garmin Approach G80 is really expensive. At this price, you can almost buy a brand new driver from TaylorMade or Titleist. Another big issue is that this handheld GPS is actually quite large and comes in at 4.5” long, 2.3” wide, and 0.6” thick. Of course, this is due to the included launch monitor, but if all you want is a GPS there are much smaller units available.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Garmin Approach G80 is at the top of the market when it comes to handheld golf GPS units. There are very few units on the market that have the same features and accuracy as the Approach G80. And Garmin uses this as a large selling point for this unit.

But golfers need to be honest with themselves when considering the Approach G80. Since the cost is so high the unit only makes sense for those golfers who are dedicated to golf. Another thing golfers need to realize is that while the Approach G80 can make you a better golfer, the money might be better spent in another area of your golf game. For example, new wedges can help cut strokes from your short game or a new driver for hitting more fairways.

Well, that is the end of our review of the Garmin Approach G80! We hope that this review has answered all your questions and given you more insight into whether you should add the Approach G80 to your golf bag.

Daniel is an avid left-handed golfer and the founder of Golf Accessories Reviews. Alongside his dedicated team, he endeavors to share the highest-quality reviews & up to date information available on all things golf. While you’ll find Daniel on the golf course at least once a week, he also spends a decent amount of time at the range testing new clubs and golf gadgets.

  1. In the Benefits and Drawbacks section, you give the dimensions of the G80. Those measurements as given in inches are drastically off. It is actually 4.75″ tall, 2.5″ wide, and roughly 1″ deep. Perhaps those are dimensions given are for a different product but the G80 is quite compact.

    • Hi Michael, thanks for picking up on that. I have changed the dimensions in that section (They were the dimensions of the box it’s sent in).
      – Dan

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