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Callaway XR16 Driver Review

In January of 2016, Callaway launched the XR16 as its premier driver. It was an instant hit among golfers around the world thanks to its excellent distance, control, and design. Even today, the XR16 still holds up well against newer clubs and is perfect for golfers looking to get a great driver at a discounted price.

So in today’s article, we will be reviewing the Callaway XR16 Driver. We’ll take a deep dive into the key features and benefits of the club. Other topics will be touched on including who the XR16 is best suited for and what other Callaway drivers golfers should consider. Plus, comparisons to today’s top drivers will be made to help you understand why the XR16 is still a great choice despite being a couple of years old.

Callaway XR16 Driver Review

Callaway XR 16 Driver

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Key Features

During its launch, the Callaway XR16 boasted many new features and design elements thanks to a collaboration between Callaway and Boeing. The best features include:

  • New Boeing Designed Clubhead
  • Re-Engineered Speed Step
  • New R-Moto Face

With the XR16, Callaway was looking to increase clubhead speed through a more aerodynamic design. The final design, that was tested and tweaked by experts at Boeing, accomplished two goals. First, it reduced drag across the top and bottom of the clubhead. Second, it moved the Speed-Step; saving weight and increasing MOI in the process. Both of these changes resulted in faster clubhead speeds compared to the previous generation of drivers.

Callaway also took a big step in changing the face technology on the XR16 driver. The R-Moto Face that came with the original XR driver was improved upon to give the XR16 a 19% thinner face. This change upped ball speeds across the entire clubface of the XR16.

All XR16 Drivers come paired with a Fujikura Speeder Evolution 565 Red graphite shaft. Ladies, Light, Regular, Stiff, and X-Stiff are the only offered flexes. Golfers can expect each shaft to weight about 60 grams and have a mid-level of torque and kick point.

Who is best suited for this club

Perhaps the best part of any major golf brand’s premier driver is that it is made for every golfer. The XR16 is no different and can be used by high, mid, and low handicappers. But there is one group of golfers who have the most to gain from XR16: golfers with low clubhead speed.golfer swinging driver as the sun sets

Because of the aerodynamic tweaks, the XR16 swings fast. Much faster than any other previous Callaway driver. So if you find yourself lacking swing speed, the XR16 should help you gain a couple of MPH on your tee shots. This increase should also help you squeeze out a couple more yards of carry on each drive.

Another group of golfers that would benefit from the XR16 are golfers looking for higher launch angles. Because of an adjustable hosel, the XR16 Driver can be adjusted up to two degrees higher than the standard loft. Higher loft = more carry & distance.

Benefits & Drawbacks

At this point, it’s quite clear that the XR16’s biggest benefit is increased swing speed through advanced aerodynamics. XR16 golf clubJust this single change allows for more distance and forgiveness across the entire clubface.

But there are a couple of drawbacks with the XR16. First, is that there is only one type of shaft available. So golfers who prefer a different kick point or amount of shaft torque will have to buy and install another shaft. Another drawback is that the XR16 doesn’t have as much forgiveness as today’s newest clubs. While the R-Moto Face does do a good job with mis-hits, it just isn’t as good as Callaway’s newest Cup Face Technology.

Regardless of the drawbacks, the XR16 is an all-around great driver for the average golfer. Yes, it could be more forgiving. But as long as your shots are somewhere near the middle of the clubface, they will fly far and straight.

Other Callaway Drivers to Consider

Callaway is most known for its excellent driver offerings which means there are lots of other Callaway Drivers to consider. First is Callaway’s newest driver, Maverick, that combines all the different technologies that Callaway has created over the past 5 years. This means that Maverick isn’t only fast, but also extremely forgiving.

Some other great drivers include Callaway’s Epic Flash and Rouge Drivers. Both offer similar swing speed as the XR16 but also have Jailbreak and Face Cup Technology. Again, both of these clubs beat out the XR16 in total forgiveness.

But the greatest downfall of all three of these drivers is the price. Finding any of these clubs at the price of the XR16 is difficult. So the XR16 still leads many Callaway drivers in the “bang-for-your-buck” category.


Here is a quick summary of all the positive features and benefits the XR16 has to offer:

  • Incredible Swing Speeds
  • Outstanding Distance
  • Great Value
  • Sleek Looks


Here are the few areas where the XR16 lags behind:

  • Only One Shaft Choice
  • Could Be More Forgiving
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Bottom Line

While it might seem that everyone is focused on the latest and greatest, many overlook solid clubs of the past. The Callaway XR16 is that overlooked club that can still keep up with even the newest offerings on the market.

So whether you are looking for a cheap driver upgrade or are maybe just getting into golf on a budget, the Callaway XR16 is the perfect club for you. It can also be a great intermediate driver for beginners, helping them learn what to expect from higher-end drivers. So before you take the plunge on a $500+ driver, give a slightly older version a try. It might just surprise you.

Overall, one thing is for certain; the Callaway XR16 is still a great driver. So go ahead and add it to your bag and experience greater swing speeds and impressive distance. Plus, at its current price point, you can’t go wrong!

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