Age aside, the set of clubs you choose for junior players will greatly impact their golfing. It can be a very frustrating sport for some and at such a young age selecting the best junior golf clubs can greatly improve their performance.

If your child is a budding golfer, investing in a high quality set of clubs will be hugely beneficial to your kids golf development.

Quick Comparison of the Best Junior Golf Clubs

Best for 3-5 years
Powerbuilt Junior
Junior flex
Graphite shaft
320cc driver
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Best 8-10 years
Paragon Rising Star
Left or right handed
Available in lavender
Titanium composite driver
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The main issue is at such a young age kids grow so fast, it is crucial to have the right sized equipment so be prepared to change sets as your child needs.

The key thing is keeping the childs interest in the sport and the best way to do that is through good performance as it generally leads to enjoyment.

5 Best Junior Golf Clubs 2018

The following list has been compiled to assist in purchasing a set for junior golfers.

1. Intech Future Tour Junior Golf Set

Intech Future Tour Junior Golf Set, (Right-Handed, Age 6 to 11)

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as of November 14, 2018 7:33 pm


  • Fairway Driver (35")
  • 5 Iron (32")
  • 9 Iron (30")
  • Putter (27.5")
  • Carry Bag

With children aged 6 to 11 in mind, the Intech Future Tour Junior set contains four clubs and a collapsible nylon carry bag.

Very reasonably priced, these clubs will provide the extra length and weight needed as your child grows.

Set Includes

  • Fairway Driver (35″)
  • 5 Iron (32″)
  • 9 Iron (30″)
  • Putter (27.5″)
  • Collapsible carry Bag
  • Junior Flex
  • Right and left hand orientation

The driver has been designed at 15 degrees to allow beginners/kids to achieve great distances. All clubs are manufactured with light weight graphite composite shafts. The putter is ceramic faced which will provide the weight needed for a steady, smooth putt.

In addition, the Intech Future Tour Junior tour set includes a 1 year warranty. With glowing amazon reviews, this set is a great purchase for the budding junior golfer in your life.

2. Powerbilt Golf – Junior 6 Piece Set with Bag

Powerbilt Golf 2016 Junior Set [Ages 3-5] Orange

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as of November 14, 2018 7:33 pm


  • Driver (320cc)
  • Wedge
  • Putter
  • Stand Bag
  • Headcover

Available in ages 3-5, 7-8 and 9-12. The following review is for Powerbilt Clubs for juniors aged 5-8years old. This review is for the set for kids aged 3 to 5 years old.

Set Includes

  • Driver (320cc)
  • Wedge
  • Putter
  • Stand Bag
  • Headcover
  • Graphite shafts
  • Junior flex
  • Available in left and right orientation

This set is designed for kids of height 3′ – 3.8′.  These sets will change to suit the age of the golfer. Individual clubs can also be purchased.

Very reasonably priced, the Powerbilt Clubs clubs provide great value for money. In addition, there is a pre-owned option which is a great idea for the budget conscious who know the clubs will need to be upgraded.

A great set to buy as a gift, for any golfing enthusiasts who want to see their grandchild, niece or nephew join them in a game they enjoy.

3. Paragon Rising Star Clubs Set

Paragon Rising Star Kids Golf Clubs Set / Ages 8-10 Green / Right-Hand

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as of November 14, 2018 7:33 pm


  • Includes 5 clubs: oversized driver with matching headcover, #5 hybrid, #7 iron, #9 iron, and mallet putter.
  • Durable bag with kick stands, includes removable rain hood.
  • Available in both right and left handed configurations.
  • Also available in lavender color design for girls.

For the youngest players on the field- the Paragon Rising Star Set has been designed for children aged 3 to 5 years old. Very well priced, these clubs will be the perfect beginners set.

Set Includes

  • Lofted Fairway Wood + Headcover
  • Oversized Wide-Sole Iron
  • Mallet Style Putter
  • Matching Carry Bag
  • Available in left and right orientation

These clubs have been optimised in terms of weight, length and flex for junior players and their slower swing speed.

The driver is made from a titanium matrix which boasts maximum forgiveness.

The irons are made from stainless steel and feature a wide sole, lowering the centre of gravity and making it easier for the little golfers to play.

The graphite shafts come with a manufactureres lifetime warranty against breakage.

Ideally for children whose knuckle to ground measure up to 18″.

Overall the Paragon Rising Star Set is the best set in terms of quality and value for money for junior golfers. With great customer reviews, this set makes an excellent gift.

4. Prosimmon Icon Junior Golf Club Set

Prosimmon Icon Junior Golf Club Set & Stand Bag for kids ages 4-7 RH

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as of November 14, 2018 7:33 pm


  • 3 wood, 5-7-9 Irons
  • Mallet Putter
  • Dual-Strap Stand Bag

The Prosimmon Icon Junior clubs have been designed for junior players of the aged 4-8years and up to 4’6″ in height. They are of high quality and offer great value for money.

Set Includes

  • Fairway 3 Wood (36″)
  • 5 (35″), 7 (32″) and 9 (31″) iron.
  • Putter (30″)
  • Dual strap carry bag
  • Graphite Shafts
  • Junior Flex
  • Soft wrap grips
  • Available in left and right hand orientation

The irons are oversized, titanium matrix with perimeter weighting. This increases the sweet spot meaning greater distances can be achieved with maximum forgiveness.

Fantastic amazon reviews – the Prosimmon Icon Junior clubs are high quality and will help junior golfers immensely.

5. Winfield Junior Force Kids Golf Clubs Set

Winfield Junior Force Kids Golf Clubs Set / Ages 5-8 Yellow / Right Hand

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as of November 14, 2018 7:33 pm


  • Oversized Matrix Alloy Driver provides maximum forgiveness.
  • Lofted hybrid iron generates proper flight with good trajectory.
  • Wide, oversize irons offer lower center of gravity.
  • Easy-to-align mallet style putter inspires confidence.
  • Dual strap provides proper weight distribution for easy transport.

The Winfield Junior Force set comprises of 5 clubs and is the final top selection for our Best Junior Golf Clubs review.

Designed specifically for children aged 5 to 8 these clubs are made from a matrix alloy.

Set Includes

  • Oversized Matrix Alloy Driver
  • Lofted hybrid iron
  • Wide, oversize irons
  • Mallet putter
  • Dual strap golf bag
  • Available in left and right orientation

Although these clubs are priced a bit higher, they boast excellent quality and can provide 3 years of use.

TheWinfield Junior Force set is a great junior golf set as a gift or for your budding junior golfer.

How Many Clubs are Needed?

When it comes to junior golfers, there is no need for them to carry a complete golf set around. The less clubs the better it will be for the child to learn the basics of the game.

Also considering their swing speed is significantly lower than adults, 14 clubs is extremely excessive.

When taking this into consideration, a child would probably not notice the difference in irons and therefore distance gaps.

Ideally a junior set would include a driver, hybrid, 7 iron, wedge and putter.

These clubs adequately cover the skills of young players.

Once the childs swing becomes harder and a distance gap is obvious between clubs then more clubs would be appropriate.

Key Considerations when choosing the Best Junior Golf Clubs

Length and Weight of Clubs

With junior golfers their strength and physique is still developing – at quite a rapid rate in many.

If you provide a junior with a set of clubs that are too heavy, this will lead to long term issues with swing and technique.

When considering the length of the club, if they are too long or short poor posture and stance will result.

Junior clubs are generally made from aluminum or titanium inserts. While aluminium clubs are a bit heavier they are still considered the better clubs for junior players.

Shaft Flex

If we consider a junior golfers swing speed is generally in the range of 60 to 80 MPH.

For juniors, the best flex of the shaft is considered as either regular or ladies.

There is also the option of ‘junior flex’ which has been designed with junior players in mind.


For junior golfers they have much smaller hands so correctly holding onto a club is important.

Learning proper gripping techniques will lead to performing at maximum swing speed, trajectory and height.


For juniors, the hardest thing is that their golf sets and equipment will need to be replaced as they grow. This can be an expensive yearly and sometimes soon endeavour.

To address this, there are manufacturers who provide adjustable shafts.

This means your purchase would be a one off, the shafts locking into place.

A great idea if your child is not that interested or committed but enjoys it. Once the basics are all down then moving onto other equipment is a great idea.

Aluminium clubs are cheaper than titanium ones and this is where the weight comes into account. If your junior is at tournament level, investing in titanium clubs would be the best option.

Growing and Learning the Sport

If your child picks up the sport quickly then you will need to be upgrading their equipment as they progress.

When the junior golfers skills greatly improve one would need to consider investing in better equipment to help advance their golfing abilities. Eventually progressing to a full set of clubs.

It is key to know where your child is at in terms of golfing levels. Charting the success or even making note of certain equipment is a great way to keep track of what works and doesn’t work over the years. This can also make purchasing adult clubs as they grow much easier.

Clubs can be picked up separately but we find that most junior sets provide great coverage.

Here are a few great tips for junior golfers.

Bottom Line

Overall with poor fitting golf clubs, junior players will lead to swing problems and poor technique which can be hard to alter in the future. Purchasing a quality set, suited to the age, height and golfing ability will compliment junior golfers abilities and assist in their development. There are many sets on the market but for the best junior golf clubs I recommend the Intech Future Tour set.


Best Junior Golf Clubs
  • Intech Future Tour Set
  • Prosimmon Icon
  • Winfield Junior


Finding a golf set for juniors can be challenging as they are continually growing and changing. There are many different sets out that they are acceptable for a range of ages and even those with adjustable shafts.

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