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Golf grips, a key element to your optimal golf performance. With the right golf grip, your game is going to significantly improve. The amount of players using the wrong grips is staggering and without realizing, their golf game is suffering.

According to golf experts, having the wrong grip can account for an additional five strokes per round, on average! Who has room for unnecessary strokes? Not me!

So, how do you find the best grips to help you play at your best? In the following post I will share a plethora of information about all things golf grip related. Including highlighting the very best grips that are available to buy online.

Best Wet Weather Grips
Winn Dritac Golf Grips
Suited for wet weather and humid play
High shock absorption
Available in 7 colors
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Best Putter Grip
Super Stroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip
Stable and durable
Thick for anti-wrist action
Counter weight technology
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Can Golf Grips Make a Difference?

Of course! Anyone who has felt their hands slip will tell you that. Also, if you have had your clubs re-gripped then played I have no doubt your game will have improved since the last time.

When grips get old and worn, you begin to clench and hold onto your club more tightly. This pressure is what leads to swing issues and faults with your game.

Improving your game play and accurately hitting balls gives you a greater sense of control with your spin, distance, forgiveness and can even assist with finding the sweet spot more regularly.

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10 of the Best Golf Grips Reviewed!

1. Winn Dritac Golf Grips Dritac

Winn Dritac Golf Grips Dritac

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as of November 14, 2018 2:50 pm


  • Classic wrap-style design
  • WinnDry polymer provides cusioning, comfort and non-slip, all-weather performance
  • 50g weight
  • High shock absorption

Winn DriTac Grips are some of the best in the business. They are very quick and easy to replace and you can almost guarantee they will have your favorite grip ready to order in the case of a grip emergency.

Using a classic wrap style design these grips have a unique polymer that provides comfort, cushioning as well as non-slip qualities for all weather performance.

Each grip has a weight of 1.76ounces and have high shock absorption properties. If we take a look more closely, these grips offer around 65% more shock absorption compared with an average grip.

So what’s so good about higher shock absorption? If you consider the impact your hands, bones and muscles face with each and every swing this builds up over time leading to wear and tear. The higher the shock absorption the lower the discomfort and also fatigue that will result.

Weighing in at only 50grams or 1.76 oz these grips won’t affect your swing weight at all and are well suited for irons as a result.

Available in 7 different colors and every size range, matching these grips to your clubs or bag is easy to do.


  • Well suited to wet weather or humid playing conditions
  • Grip is great even if you do not have gloves
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Many colors to choose from as well as sizes
  • 65% more shock absorbent that other grips
  • Wrap around grip design


  • Generally wear a bit quicker than other grips available

Overall, if you feel like you hold a lot of tension in your swing due to over gripping your clubs then these grips are a great alternative. Featuring the Dri-Tac material, the Winn DriTac Grips actually increase grip in wet or humid weather as well as sweaty hands.

2. Winn Excel Wrap Golf Grips

Winn Excel Wrap Golf Grips

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as of November 14, 2018 2:50 pm


  • Classic wrap-style design with aA parallel profile
  • Extremely tacky, comfortable feel for Winn's signature grip
  • 42g weight
  • High shock absorption

Winn Excel Wrap Golf Grips feature their excel polymer material which offers great cushioning and comfort. Due to the extra cushioning, these grips can minimize vibrations from powerful swings as well as absorb shock. If you suffer from fatigue or arthritis then these grips are worth trying out.

Extremely tacky, these grips are suited to dry weather play. Using a classic wrap-style design and an A parallel profile these are Winns signature grips.

Weighing in at 42 grams or 1.48 ounces these are ultra light weight and will not affect your swing weight. They are also considered high shock absorbing although they are not as cushioned as the previous reviewed grips.

Available in black there are 5 different grip types to choose from. The pattern on these grips are dimpled which allow for air flow over the hands.


  • Durable material
  • Designed to last
  • Soft exterior and cushioning makes them comfortable
  • Reduces hand fatigue while playing
  • Shock absorption properties
  • Suited for dry weather conditions
  • Great tackiness


  • Can be a bit more difficult to install compared with other grips

The Winn Excel Wrap Golf Grips are Winns most popular golf grips for dry weather conditions. They offer adequate cushioning and comfort which reduces hand fatigue. The grips are dimpled in designed which allows for airflow while playing.

3. Golf Pride CP2 Grip

Golf Pride Cp2 Pro Grip

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as of November 14, 2018 2:50 pm


  • 2.5" inner Control Core stabilizer reduces torque for more control during the swing
  • Straighter taper with larger lower hand promotes even, light grip for comfort and a more fluid swing
  • Golf Pride's softest feeling grip uses high tack, soft rubber for maximum comfort and control
  • .600"
  • 50A grams

Golf Pride CP2 Grip is designed to reduce torque through an inner core stabilizer. What does this do you ask? It allows you to have more control over your swing.

These grips use a straight taper down design which allows you to develop an even, light pressure and a more fluid swing. With an incredibly soft grip, this is a high tack and high comfort golf grip.

If you notice that you have issues with your club turning in your hand then trying this grip could be all it takes to fix it. The core stabilizing feature is unique to this grip so if you need to minimize torque then this is the solution.

With a wrap around grip design, the functionality of your swing is greatly improved. Offering more control over your swing may be all you need to get that ball 10 feet closer to the green.

Available in mid size and standard as well as blue or red this grip doesn’t account for everyone but certainly does attract those looking for more swing control.


  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Reduces torque via inner stabilizing technology
  • Reduced taper for more control
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Incredible tackiness
  • Durable and designed to last


  • Not good in wet or humid weather

Golf Pride CP2 Grip is the solution to those who have issues with the club moving in your hands. By reducing the torque through an inner stabilizing technology these grips are popular. If you are looking for this, or just want a little more control and comfort over your swing, give them a try today.

4. Black Widow Torque 

Black Widow Torque Grip, Round Standard, Black

1 new from $18.82
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as of November 14, 2018 2:50 pm


  • Black Widow Grips Web Traction Technology provides improved grip confidence and promotes proper grip pressure for greater swing speed.
  • .60 core
  • 49 grams
  • Black

The Black Widow Torque Grips is a full corded grip making it ideal for wet or humid weather with the best anti-slip arrangement possible. As the name suggests, this product is also the ideal choice for reducing torque or your club slipping in your hand as you swing.

The web traction technology offers peak performance with each and every swing. Suited to golfers of all ages and all levels, these grips are available in black or white.

These grips are a medium-firm, tacky tour feel that use softspike traction which is an interlocking S pattern across the grip. The rubber used is soft yet tacky and comfortable to use. In terms of value for money these grips are outstanding compared with those in the same price range.

Suitable for all weather conditions, the grips provide excellent tackiness and have great reviews. many players have used these grips and noticed a decrease in their average stroke score.


  • Interlocking grip design
  • Reduces torque
  • Suitable in all weather conditions
  • Available in black and white


  • Price. Although in comparison to grips of this quality, it is good.

Overall the Black Widow Torque grips are a high quality product that offer excellent value for money, comfort and reduce torque. Lightweight, these clubs can be used in any weather condition and perform well.

5. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip

14 new from $4.99
2 used from $ 4.92
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as of November 14, 2018 2:50 pm


  • 51 grams in weight
  • Standard Grip Size
  • 0.580" Core Size
  • Round Grip Shape

Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips offer fantastic traction which is great for any golfers out there who tend to slice the ball. Although there are many reasons why, this can be a result of your grip.

The interesting thing with these grips is that they are designed on a computer. This is good because the non-slip pattern that they use is accurate even the the smallest of detail.

As a result, these grips are some of the best on the market. Add  to the fact that they feel incredibly smooth to hold and use these won’t ‘rip’ up your hands when you first use them.

So how has the company managed to create such a soft yet precise grip? It lies in the manufacturing process. With a proprietary rubber blend, the grips have the feel of velvet yet due to the high level taper are ergonomic and form-fitting.


  • Excellent grip
  • Soft to touch so won’t hurt your hands if you aren’t wearing gloves
  • Durable material
  • Lightweight construction


  • Not suited to wet weather play

With exceptional reviews, it’s hard to overlook the Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. A simple yet highly efficient design, these grips are durable and ergonomic.

6. Karma Velvet Midsize 13 Piece Golf Grip Bundle, Black

Karma Velvet Midsize 13 Piece Golf Grip Bundle, Black

3 new from $21.54
2 used from $ 19.39
Free shipping
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as of November 14, 2018 2:50 pm


  • 55 grams in weight
  • Grip shape round
  • Grip size Midsize

The Karma Velvet Midsize Grips are a complete bundle for replacing your golf set. This does not include a putter grip so be sure to read my putter grip reviews further down.

With a complete soft rubber compound, these grips are budget yet effective. They are the heaviest of those reviewed here at 55 grams but this will not affect your swing weight.

The set comes as mid size grips which is the ideal size for most golfers. Completely black, these grips are simplistic and will blend in with your golf bag and accessories.

Designed to last, these grips are durable and long lasting due to the complete rubber design. They feel good and perform well.


  • Budget friendly
  • 13 piece set
  • Midsize and completely black
  • Soft rubber, feels good and performs well
  • Round grip shape
  • Durable design


  • Not suited to wet weather
  • No solvent or tape included

The only issue with these grips is to do with installation and the fact that the bundle doesn’t include solvent or tape. If this isn’t an problem then it’s worthwhile trying out the Karma Velvet Midsize Grips.

7. Winn Dritac AVS Midsize


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as of November 14, 2018 2:50 pm


Product GroupSports

Winn Dritac are leaders in golf grips and you can buy these grips in a set of 9 or 13 allowing you to change your grips in one go.

Suitable for all weather play, these grips offer incredible comfort as well as shock absorption properties. Shock absorption means you’re going to have less impact on your hands and less affect on your golf swing.

With a medium, soft tacky grip, they also have variant pressure points for non-slip performance. The tread pattern on the grips are medium and they offer a high water resistance level. These are available in black and blue combination.

On the firmness scale, these grips are smack in the middle of soft and hard. In terms of shock absorption these are closer to the higher end of the scale.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Shock absorbing properties
  • Excellent tack
  • Pressure points for non-slip performance
  • High level of water resistance


  • Difficulties with installing

Winn Dritac offer a complete bundle for replacing your golf grips instead of one at a time. A high quality product that comes with exceptional reviews, you can rest assured that you are investing wisely.

8. NCAA Texas Tech Red Raiders Golf Putter Grip

NCAA Texas Tech Red Raiders Golf Putter Grip

3 new from $18.29
Free shipping
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as of November 14, 2018 2:50 pm


  • durable putter grip with team logo
  • Multi-colored
  • Includes removable gel top ball marker with team logo

The NCAA Golf putter grip offers excellent grip in a striking design. This grip also includes a removable gel top ball marker. For the avid athlete or loyal fan, you can get this grip with your favorite team logo on it.

Durable, these grips are made from rubber that is textured with dimples which offers a sturdy grip. This grip is fairly thick at 1 ¼ of an inch which means your wrists won’t have the option of being active during the swing.

Ergonomic, using this grip will help your putting performance. With contours in different parts of the shaft adding to this.


  • Made from high quality material
  • Durable and designed to last
  • Choose your favorite NCAA team logo
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Ball marker on the end of the grip


  • Only offered with NCAA team logo

Supporting your favorite NCAA team while out on the golf course is easy to do with the NCAA Golf putter grip! Not only does it offer the team logo it also offers great grip and support.

9. Super Stroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip, Black

Super Stroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip, Black

1 new from $24.45
Free shipping
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as of November 14, 2018 2:50 pm


  • USGA Approved
  • 1.67" Diameter
  • 10.50" Length
  • 90g+/-5 .580 core

The Super Stroke Fatso is a significantly thick, sturdy yet comfortable golf grip. Using counter core technology this putter grip offers a fine tuning of the feel and stability of your swing.

The thickness of this grips means you can’t put your wrist into the motion. This means your follow through is going to be more balanced, which means better ball control. If balance is what you need, then this putter is your answer.

So what is the counter core grip? This is a 50 g back weight that makes the user engage the larger muscles in your arms, shoulders and backs. Why is this important? This works to create a more effective pendulum motion. If you prefer you can take this weight out.

Soft and tacky feel this putter design does not taper, superstroke refer to this as parallel technology. This promotes even grip pressure which provides a more consistent and repeatable stroke.

Suitable for all weather conditions, the grip is a non-slip surface which enhances the control and performance, not only in dry conditions but all weather conditions.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Lightweight, yet a thick grip
  • Available in four different colors
  • Stable and durable


  • If you aren’t used to a thick grip this will take a lot of practise putts to break in

The Super Stroke Fatso is a thick and sturdy putter grip that has a counter weight technology which really helps with the pendulum motion. Also, due to the thickness you can’t put your wrist into the action even if you wanted to. This is great for your follow through in terms of balance and ball control.

10. Odyssey Putter Grip, Island Breeze, Pink

Odyssey Putter Grip, Island Breeze, Pink

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as of November 14, 2018 2:50 pm


  • Tactile construction material
  • Semi-pistol shaping
  • Several styles
  • The grips have a semi-pistol shaping that fits well with a wide variety of hand sizes and the soft, tactile construction material enhances feel.

The Odyssey Putter Grip is the final golf grip to make the review! With semi-pistol shaping the grip fits well with a wide variety of hand sizes. The material is a tactile construction which enhances the feel.

With a total grip length of 10 ¾ inches this is fairly long, this along with the large diameter works to reduce any wrist action in the putt.

The thickness of this grips means your wrist can’t come into play too much which means your balance and control will be enhanced.

Available in three different designs these grips are not so easily matched to your current golf accessories but will definitely stand out in your bag.


  • Different designs to choose from
  • Installation is somewhat easy
  • Soft and firm
  • Offers good control over your swing
  • Tackiness is great
  • Can handle wet weather play


  • Thickness takes some getting used to

The Odyssey Putter Grip is a good choice for someone who needs more balance and control with their putting. The designs are fun which gives you something different in your golf bag.

Types of Golf Grips

Finding golf grips is not a case of one size fits all. Everyone has different preferences and everyone will perform differently. In the not so distant past golf grips were made of leather, today however, there are a few different choices. Each grip comes with pros and cons so let’s take a look a the various materials in more detail.

Rubber Grips

By far the most popular in golf grip materials is rubber. Why? Mostly because they are soft, easily mold to your hands yet provide a solid grip.

The good thing about these grips is that they are very durable and relatively inexpensive. The drawback to this material is that certain rubber grips won’t provide much grip.

Corded Golf Grips

Corded weave is ideal for golfers who play in wet or humid conditions. They cord weave design provides excellent traction in these conditions.

Positives of corded grips are that they are durable, tacky and perform exceptionally in wet weather, humid conditions or those who have very sweaty hands.

The only negative is that as they provide extra traction they can really rip up your hands which takes some getting used to.

Wrap Golf Grips

A wrap golf grip is designed with a strip of soft material around the handle. Historically this material is made from leather which is soft to touch yet still provides a good grip.

Putter Grips

A putter grip needs to have traction but no way near as much as your other clubs. This is simply because putters aren’t designed to be swung very hard at all.

Does Grip Weight Affect Swing Speed?

In short-yes. Technically speaking the swing-weight is a measurement of your golf clubs weight around a fulcrum point. This is located at a specific point between the grip and end of your club. If and when you change the grips that your club came with you may notice a change in your swing. This is probably due to the change in grip weight.

What Grips do Pro Golfers Use?

Due to their high swing speeds, professional golfers tend to choose slightly firmer grips. This means those with more detailed surface patterning which leads to a greater grip traction. Those on tour have the ability to change their grips as frequently as they like.

If you are an amateur player then you must decided on your preferred grip ahead of time in order to have it replaced in time.

How to Find the Best Grip for Your Swing?

Contrary to popular belief your golf grip size does not directly relate to your hand size. So what does it relate to? The answer is your swing dynamic. As this is a pretty personal choice the best thing you can do is experiment with a few different grip types until you find what works best.

When Do I Need to Replace Golf Grips?

As a general rule of thumb you need to re-grip your clubs once a year or every 40 rounds of play. Even if you don’t play 40 rounds in one year you will still need to change your grips.

Why? External factors such as UV exposure, rain, heat, humidity, dirt and oil from your hands will constantly wear down your grips. This directly relates to your performance.

I personally re-grip my clubs at the beginning of every season- this is a great routine to get into and ensures you will be playing at your peak throughout.

What is Golf Grip Solvent?

When replacing your own golf grips you will most likely use a golf grip solvent. So what is it, exactly? This is a liquid that is applied to the inside of your golf grip as well as over the grip tape.

This solvent works to bond the grip to the shaft but it temporarily deactivates the adhesive properties of the tape which provides the time needed to install it.

Golf grip solvent is quite volatile so take the necessary precautions when using it.

What is best to Clean Golf Grips With?

Golf grip maintenance is important in prolonging the life of your grips. Although you should re-grip yearly or after every 40 rounds, there are a few things you can do between rounds to ensure high performance.

The best way to clean your golf grips is by the following:

  1. Wash the grips with warm water and soap
  2. Rinse the grip or wipe down with a pre-moistened disposable wipe

Due to the materials used for golf grips do not leave them in direct sunlight or high temperatures. This will lead to them cracking and drying out.

Bottom Line

Golf grips can make a huge difference in your golf performance. If you are having issues with your grip, your swing or notice unusual tension then this simple solution might be all you need. There are many different material types to choose from as well as sizes and designs. I tried to best cover the commonly asked questions and hope you have found it helpful in choosing the best golf grips! Don’t forget you need to change your golf grips annually or after 40 rounds of golf- whichever comes sooner.

Best Golf Grips
  • Winn Dritac Golf Grips Dritac
  • Winn Excel Wrap Golf Grips
  • Golf Pride Cp2 Pro Grip
  • Black Widow Torque
  • Golf Pride Tour Velvet .580 Grip
  • Karma Velvet Midsize 13 Piece Golf Grip Bundle
  • Winn Dritac AVS Midsize Grip Bundle
  • NCAA Golf Putter Grip
  • SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip
  • Odyssey Putter Grip


Golf grips and game performance go hand in hand. It is recommended to change your grips annually at a minimum or after every 40 rounds of golf – whatever comes first. Re-gripping your clubs might be all it takes to improve your swing and lower you strokes. There are many brands and materials on the market so read through my detailed reviews before making your decision.

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