For many beginners it is a common misconception that golf is not very hard on your hands. While there are golfers who prefer not to wear a glove at all, there are many more who do.

Gloves are ideal for a better grip and therefore swing improvement and a glove is also great for rainy or cold golfing conditions.

The following article will cover a few key considerations for making your selection as well as our list of the best golf gloves!

Quick Comparison of the Best Golf Gloves
Best Budget Glove
MG Golf DynaGrip
Most popular
Cabretta leather
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Best Rain Glove
FootJoy Golf
Quick drying
Good grip in all weather conditions
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Best Golf Glove

It pays to read reviews as well as customer reviews when making your purchase-don’t do so blindly. The following are considered the best golf gloves which have stood the test of time and have a review accompanying them.

With todays market being overcrowded with cheap products it’s a matter of buyer beware. You will get what you pay for in this industry and will probably go through a number of cheaper gloves.

So why not invest in a quality glove that will last longer from the start. Let’s take a detailed look at the best golf gloves on the market!

1. Nike Dura Feel Golf Glove

Nike 2015 Dura Feel VIII All Weather Mens Golf Gloves Left Hand (Right Handed Golfer)

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as of May 21, 2018 12:38 am


  • Perforated synthetic leather panel on back of hand for enhanced breathability and a better range of motion
  • Stretch fabric in fingers and back of hand for flexibility and breathability
  • Fabric: 85% polyurethane/10% nylon/5% goatskin leather
  • Adjustable angled tab closure for a superior ergonomic fit and support
  • Genuine leather on palm and thumb provide a great grip and optimal mix of feel and durability

A fairly inexpensive glove, the Nike Dura Glove is durable and made of quality material. It is perfect for the budget conscious golfer who wants a good glove without the price tag.

The glove has a perforated synthetic leather back panel which enhances breathability wihtout affecting the range of motion.

These gloves will work well to keep your hands sweat free on hot summer days.

Key Features

  • Stretch fabric in fingers and back of hand- designed for flexibility and breathability
  • Material: 85% polyurethane/10% nylon/5% goatskin leather
  • Genuine leather on palm and thumb
  • Available in many sizes
  • Available in black and white

The glove feature an adjustable angled tab to close the glove which along with the ergonomic fit makes it very comfortable.

This glove is made from synthetic leather so if you prefer something designed to last a bit longer then these gloves are not for you.

The Nike Dura Glove is the ideal gift for a golfer in your life whether it be a friend, partner, parent, child or grandchild.

2. FootJoy Wintersof Golf Gloves

FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves (1 Pair) - Mens medium

3 new from $26.99
1 used from $ 13.74
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as of May 21, 2018 12:38 am


  • Gloves

Great gloves for both cold and wet weather. Designed to withstand hard weather, the grip of the FootJoy Wintersof is fantastic.

For winter golfers these gloves will keep your hand, fingers and fingertips warm and comfortable while on the course.

Key Features

  • Grip designed for cool-weather
  • Sure-grip is water resistant in the auto suede knot palm.
  • Windproof fleece
  • Waterproof Nylon and Weather-shield on the back of the glove
  • Weather shield stretch knit cuff.

The FootJoy Wintersof is available in a range of sizes with customers saying they run a bit bigger. These gloves are exceptional in cold weather and hundreds of Amazon customers agree.

These are a very well made product made from water resistant material within the palm. This is fantastic because you don’t want to compromise your grip on a golf club if it is raining or wet.

The fleece inner layer of theFootJoy Wintersof is guaranteed to keep your hands warm and shielded while playing in cold conditions. This along with the shield stretch knit cuff will trap your body heat and keep your hands warm for the whole round.

3. FootJoy Golf Rain Ready Grip Golf Glove Bonus Pack

FootJoy Golf Rain-Ready Rain Grip Golf Glove Bonus Pack

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as of May 21, 2018 12:38 am


  • Material provides a secure grip in any type of weather condition
  • Quick drying
  • Breathable
  • Secure fit
  • Includes 1 Pair of gloves & towel

Gloves designed to grip well in wet weather conditions. The FootJoy Rain Ready grip gloves are manufacutred using a quick drying material your hands will stay warm and dry throughout the game.

Key Features

  • Grip still allows for a good connection while golfing
  • Breathable
  • Secure, comfortable fit
  • Quick drying

Customers have noted that they run smaller in size. Available alone or also in a bonus pack (pair of gloves + towel) for the same price making this an ideal gift for the golfer in your life or for yourself.

These RainGrips are one of the best golf gloves FootJoy has made and you can rest assured knowing that playing in wet weather won’t compromise your golf.

FootJoy Rain Ready grip gloves use a QwikDry material along the back of the gloves. This provides breathability and flexibility when using these gloves and playing golf. The quick drying material is truly fast so you won’t have wet or soggy hands.

4. Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol Golf Glove

Callaway Men's Dawn Patrol Golf Glove

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as of May 21, 2018 12:38 am


  • All Leather Constructions: Great Feel, Fit & Durability
  • Perforations On Palm, Fingers And Thumb: Moisture Reduction & Increased Breathability
  • Opti Fit Adjustable Closure: Thin, Light & Secure Fit
  • Cotton Terry Cuff: Soft Feel & Moisture Absorption

The Callaway Dawn Patrol glove is a sharp looking glove manufactured with leather offering maximum durability and feel.

Key Features

  • All Leather Constructions: Great Feel, Fit & Durability
  • Perforations on palm, fingers and thumb for increased breathability
  • Opti Fit Adjustable Closure: Thin, Light & Secure Fit
  • Cotton Terry Cuff

The perforated design makes this glove very breathable which is what you want while playing a round of golf. This along with the cotton cuff provides extra absorption and a snug fit.

Callaway are a premium company that manufacture quality products and the Callaway Dawn Patrol is no exception.

For those who like to wear their glove for all shots this won’t cause any issues or blisters on your hands. It is comfortable for long wear and won’t rub against your skin. This glove is great value for money.

5. MG Golf DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather Golf Glove (Men’s Regular Sizes)

MG Golf DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather Golf Glove (Men's Regular Sizes)

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as of May 21, 2018 12:38 am


  • All-Cabretta Leather
  • Quality and traditional styling comparable to FootJoy Sta-Sof®
  • Winner of several PGA Tour events
  • All-time best-seller-well over 10 million sold!
  • First-quality only, no seconds!

The DynaGrip Golf Glove is arguably the most popular golf glove on the market and there are a few reasons for this.

In terms or price and quality it’s hard to find something better. The rise in popularity of this golf was a result of PGA tournament winners wearing and using them.

Key Features

  • All-Cabretta Leather
  • Stylish
  • Used by several PGA Tour event winners

Manufactured from Cabretta leather, the glove fits feel and feels great to golf with.

The DynaGrip Golf Glove can also be used as rain gloves with claims the are moisture resistant.

A very basic golf glove that is hugely popular in the market with over 10 million units sold. With glowing Amazon customer reviews and the inexpensive price tag it’s hard to overlook this glove.

Why You Need a Golf Glove

Improved Golf Swing

The key to a good swing is to have a light, relaxed grip reducing the pressure on your arms which allows for a free swing. So for many by using a golf glove they may notice a swing improvement.

In addition to this, for beginners, a golf glove will stop any blisters or calluses, particularly on your thumb. Playing with blistered hands is not enjoyable and your swing/golf will suffer.

Cold and Wet Golfing Conditions

When playing in wet, cold, windy or all 3 conditions without a good pair of golf gloves you won’t be able to play.

You’ll need gloves that offer enough thickness to keep your hands both warm and waterproof. If you are playing in very cold conditions then you’ll need gloves that are designed with inner fleece layers and cushioning.

Thicker gloves may reduce your playing ability but nonetheless you will still be able to enjoy a round of golf in near zero (F) conditions.

For rain, gloves will need to be made of a high quality material. The key thing to account for is that the glove still maintains grip in wet conditions.

You do not want your club to slip or move around while taking a swing and you definitely don’t want to play a round with cold, stiff hands. Invest in a quality golf glove from the beginning.

Summer/Warm Conditions

For summer conditions you first concern will be breathability. It is crucial the glove provides airflow to prevent your hand from sweating.

Damp, sweaty hands are a recipe for disaster when it comes to swinging and it’s not an enjoyable experience.

Generally leather gloves feature breathable materials as well as fitting the hand more naturally leading to better flexibility and comfort.

Better for Maintaining Club Grip

It has been noted by many golfers that by using a glove specifically for their needs their clubs have more life- the grip lasting longer too.

Fitting a Golf Glove

The most important part of the process- making sure your golf is going to fit. The comfort of having a proper fitting glove will do wonders for you swing.

The opposite is true for ill fitting gloves. The material of the glove is also important, to be able to feel the club and connection is pretty important aspect of playing golf.

Is it time for a new glove? Watch how to tell if you are due for a new glove here:

Bottom Line

While it is key to select a golf glove that fits there are many on the market and finding the right one can be hard. The gloves reviewed in this article are considered the best golf gloves on the market and are available for both male and female players. The hugely popular DynaGrip Golf Glove is the most affordable on the list and still boasts the quality. All of the gloves listed in this review are high quality and will perform well so I hope it makes your decision easier for finding the best golf glove. 

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