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Best Golf Cart Batteries – Complete Buyers Guide 2021

Golf carts are a great investment if you spend a lot of time on a golf course. If you decide to purchase an electric golf cart then one thing to consider is the battery, how often it needs replacing and what the best battery is!

Finding the best golf cart battery from day one means less time and money spent replacing it over time. So how do you find the best battery? In the following article, I’ve highlighted a few key things to consider before making your purchase as well as recommendations for the top-rated golf cart batteries available!

🏆 Quick Look at the Top Rated Golf Cart Batteries 🏆

Best Premium Quality
Lifeline Marine AGM Battery
High quality construction
5 year warranty
Resistant to vibrations
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Great Value
Trojan 6 Volt Battery
Reputable brand
Flood leaded battery
High performance
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Before we dive in let’s quickly explore the difference between voltage and amperage. Understanding the voltage and amperage of your cart batteries is important as you can reduce the cost of replacing them more frequently. So let’s take a brief look at this information.


The voltage of a battery in a golf cart is directly related to power. A common misconception is that the higher the voltage the better, this isn’t always the case. We believe that a 72-volt system can be more powerful than a 48-volt and a 36-volt less powerful than a 48 volt. Realistically the power of the battery is determined by the amperage being delivered. The higher the voltage the higher the capacity for power.


Now that we understand voltage a little better we know that the real power lies in the total amperage. A good comparison of the amperage is like fuel in a car, you can have a powerful engine but without any fuel, you won’t be going anywhere. The more amperage you have in a battery pack the more distance you can cover before needing another charge.

Best Golf Cart Battery Brands

1. UPG UB12350 (Group U1) 12 Volt Battery

UPG UB12350 (Group U1) Battery

$133.99  in stock
4 new from $133.99
as of October 5, 2021 10:37 am


  • Ub12350
  • 12V 35Ah Replacement Battery
  • Quantity: 2
  • Sla battery
  • Brand New

The UPG UB12350 is a valve-regulated, 12 Volt sealed lead acid battery that is available in 35AH or 75AH. These batteries are versatile and use is not limited to just golf carts. The battery uses non-corrosive materials along with a fixed fiberglass mat with an electrolyte fixed in place.

The battery is also resistant to vibration, virtually maintenance-free and completely spill-proof meaning rough terrain is no match for this battery.

Great for bumpy golf courses, hilly terrain or those who are little adventurous with their carts.

High-quality construction, these batteries have a cycle life of 600 and measure in at 7.68 inches L x 5.16 inches W x 7.13 inches H.

Key Specifications

  • Voltage: 12
  • Amperage: 35 AH
  • Flooded lead battery
  • 600 life cycles

Given the size of this battery it is quite heavy at 22 pounds and the self-discharge feature is quite slow. In saying that the battery has many great features, the price is one of them.

Completely resistant to spillage the UPG UB12350 12 volt battery is also very durable and resistant to vibration.

2. Lifeline Marine AGM 6V Battery

Lifeline Marine AGM Battery

$419.99  in stock
2 new from $419.99
as of October 5, 2021 10:37 am


  • Voltage: 6 Volts
  • Amp. Hrs. 20 Hr Rate: 220
  • Minutes of Discharge @ 25 Amps - 492
  • Minutes of Discharge @ 15 Amps - 856
  • Minutes of Discharge @ 8 Amps - 1692

The Lifeline AGM battery is predominantly used for marine applications but is still a good choice for golf carts.

With high-quality construction, this battery takes the lead in terms of slow discharge (at a rate of 2%). Being completely sealed this battery is leak and spill-proof.

Key Specifications

  • Voltage: 6 volts
  • Amperage: 220 AH
  • AGM battery

Measuring 10.28 inches L x 7.06 inches W x 9.92 inches H this battery has a weight of 66 pounds.

Hand made in the USA these batteries are Coast Guard approved meaning they have had to pass rigorous testing for approval before use on US military vessels.

They are premium batteries that are backed with a 5-year warranty which goes to show how confident they are with the battery performance and craftsmanship.

The Lifeline AGM battery is a deep cycle, maintenance-free battery that is durable, resistant to vibrations and shock and designed to provide many hours of use.

3. Trojan 6V Battery T-105

Trojan 6 Volt Battery

$539.88  in stock
2 new from $249.95
as of October 5, 2021 10:37 am


  • Voltage: 6, Amperage: 225Ah, Chemistry: Flooded
  • Length: 10.300, Width: 7.100, Height: 10.800
  • Trojan
  • Flooded Lead Acid

Trojan are leaders in battery packs and the T-105 6 Volt battery is a premium, flood leaded battery. Reliable and tough this battery is designed for longevity and high performance.

With a total weight of 62 pounds, this is the lighter and longer-lasting version of the T-125 model. These batteries can be purchased with different terminals.

Discharge rates:

  • 115 minutes at 75 amps or
  • 447 minutes at 25 amps

Measuring roughly 10.3 inches L x 7.1 inches W x 10 inches H. This battery has a high AH of 225 at a 20-hour rate. With an estimate of 750 cycles, this battery will see your golf cart through hundreds of rounds of golf.

Key Specifications

  • Voltage: 6V
  • Amperage 225AH @ 20hr. rate
  • Flooded lead battery
  • 750 life cycles

It must be noted that flooded lead-acid batteries can only be shipped by carrier truck freight. Flooded lead-acid batteries are however, the most commonly used stand-alone alternative energy systems.

In terms of longevity and value for money, these are the least cost per amp-hour of the batteries out there. This battery does require regular maintenance as recommended below but also in the buyers manual.

These are deep cycle cells meaning they are less likely to degrade from cycling. Buying a Trojan is buying quality that is built to last.

4. Universal Power Group UBGC2 6V Golf Cart Battery

Universal Power Group UBGC2 Golf Cart Battery

$249.99  in stock
as of October 5, 2021 10:37 am


  • UPG # 45966 UB-GC2 6V 200Ah Sealed Lead Acid
  • Dimensions: 10.24 inches x 7.09 inches x 10.67 inches. Weight: 62.40 Lbs
  • SLA/AGM maintenance free, spill proof battery
  • Rechargeable battery that can be mounted in any position, resists shocks and vibration
  • 1 Year Warranty

High performing and versatile, the UBGC2 is a sealed AGM deep cycle battery that can be mounted in any position.

Spill-proof, this AGM battery uses fiberglass and is very resistant to vibrations and impacts. With a 200 AH capacity, this battery performs time and time again.

Maintenance-free this battery weighs 62.4 pounds and measures 10.24 inches L x 7.09 inches W x 10.67 inches H.

Key Specifications

  • Voltage: 6
  • Amperage: 200 AH
  • AGM battery

A 1-year warranty is included with the purchase with less than 2% per month standing self-discharge.

This is a maintenance-free battery that is valve regulated, float and cycle use that is leak-proof and spill-proof.

No special charger is required so if you already have a charger chances are it will fit this battery.

This AGM battery is a true deep cycle battery that can be transported via air or ground an no special handling is required. There is also no hazardous fumes that can escape from the UBGC2 battery case when it is charged as the gases are all processed internally.

5. Deka/MK 6 Volt Battery

Deka/MK Golf Cart Battery

 out of stock
as of October 5, 2021 10:37 am


  • Battery Type: Gel
  • Voltage: 6 V
  • 3 Hour Capacity: 136.0 // 8 Hour Capacity: 160.0
  • 20 Hour Capacity: 180.0 // 100 Hour Capacity: 198.0
  • Warranty: 2-years

The Deka battery is a 6 Volt, 180 AH Gel battery that is a deep cycle battery designed to last. Completely maintenance-free this battery is sealed which eliminates the need for watering and any prevents fumes or spills.

With a relatively fast recharge time, this deep cycle battery is durable and can be used for heavy demand applications.

Key Specifications

  • Voltage: 6 Volt
  • Amperage: 180 AH
  • AGM battery

Measuring 10.26 inches L x 7.09 inches W x 11.06 inches H this battery weighs about 68 pounds. This gel battery is a great choice for your golf cart and is designed to last. This pack provides power when you need it.

Being an AGM battery the electrolyte stays where it is even through the roughest terrain. Being totally fixed and support free this is a no-fuss, high performing battery than can be used for a variety of applications.

With a 2 year warranty, the Deka battery offers the buyer peace of mind.

6. VMAXTANKS AGM 6 Volt Battery for Golf Carts


 out of stock
as of October 5, 2021 10:37 am


  • 9.5"*7.3"*11"h Heavy Duty 6V AGM DEEP CYCLE BATTERY with Float Service Life span of 8 to 10 years.
  • Electrolyte Suspension system VMAX tanks utilize an electrolyte suspension system consisting AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) of a high porosity that totally absorb and contain the electrolyte. No silica gels or any other contaminants are used.
  • Heavy Duty Grids: VMAX heavy duty lead tin alloys provide an extra margin of performance and service life in either float or cyclic applications, even after repeated over discharges.
  • # Maintenance Free Operation: There is no need to check specific gravity of the electrolyte or add water to VMAX tanks during float service life. In fact, there is no provision for this type of maintenance.

The VMAXTANKS is a 6 Volt, AGM battery that is a deep cycle battery with a high capacity for your golf cart.

This is a heavy-duty battery with a float service life span of 8-10 years. Using an electrolyte suspension system and AGM, no silica gels or other contaminants are used. The heavy-duty grids are made from lead-tin alloys that perform time and time again.

Key Specifications

  • Voltage: 6 Volts
  • Amperage: 225 AH
  • AGM Battery

A deep cycle battery, it measures 9.5inches W x 7.3 inches D x 11 inches H and a total weight of 72 pounds.

Heavy-duty, well made and technologically advanced these are high-quality batteries that will last 8-10 years.

Maintenance-free, there is no need to add water or check the specific gravity of the electrolyte. Making the VMAXTANKS the ideal candidate for those who use their golf carts almost daily. 

7. Amstron GC2 AGM 6Volt Golf Cart Battery

Amstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart Battery

$196.54  in stock
2 new from $196.54
as of October 5, 2021 10:37 am


EAN ListEAN List Element: 0880487251238
Item DimensionsHeight: 1079; Length: 1024; Weight: 6800; Width: 709
Package DimensionsWeight: 6800
Package Quantity1
Part NumberAP-GC2
Product GroupAutomotive Parts and Accessories
Product Type NameAUTO_PART
TitleAmstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart, Marine, RV Battery
UPC ListUPC List Element: 880487251238

The Amstron CG2 is a versatile battery that is commonly used in golf carts, marine applications, and RVs. Durable, this battery has a 210AH capacity at a 20-hour rate.

The unit is completely sealed meaning this battery can bounce around with no risk of spillage or leaks.

Key Specifications

  • Voltage: 6 Volts
  • Amperage: 210 AH
  • AGM battery

Measuring roughly 10 inches L x 7 inches W x 10 inches H this battery is maintenance-free and virtually indestructible.

Designed to reduce heat generation during the charge and discharge this leads to an overall longer and more reliable cycle life. Low discharge rates mean the battery can be stored for longer periods of time.

The plates of the battery are durable and able to withstand shock and vibrations. The Amstron CG2 also comes with a 2-year warranty.

When to Replace Golf Cart Batteries

Knowing when it’s time to replace the battery is a good skill to have, this means you will be able to get optimal use out of it. There are a few big signs that your cart will show when it’s time to replace the battery.

Increased Charge Time

If your golf cart now takes twice as long to charge compared with when you first got it then the battery needs replacing. The speed at which they charge is a great indication of the performance and capability.

Golf Cart Loses Power

A full charge should give you a minimum of 7 miles or more within your golf cart. This does vary depending on your cart so it can be a good idea to monitor the distance a full charge gets you from the start. If you struggle to get through 9 holes on a full charge then this is a very telling sign of a weak battery.

Slowed Acceleration

Everything is compared relative to when you first got your cart – the speed of acceleration is pretty quick with electric carts. If you notice the cart slowing, struggling to climb hills and small inclines then this is a very big sign of a bad battery. Especially if it was fully charged.

Physical Wear on the Battery

In very extreme cases or if you have ignored all the previous warning signs then the battery will show signs of wear. Generally, they will expand and have bulges on the casing of the battery and in some instances leak acid out the side.

Volt Meter Test

Just like with a car battery you can also have your golf cart battery read with a voltmeter. If your battery is a 48V then at full charge a voltmeter would read slightly higher at around 51-52 volts. Testing the power of your battery after some use is a great indication of the battery quality. Testing each battery individually is also a good idea, in the case of 1 faulty battery it is much cheaper to replace.

Battery Pack Power

Different batteries will offer different power and distances. In a standard golf cart, you can expect a size 8V battery system in use. Further breaking this down means there are six batteries with 8 cells per each battery.

A battery cell is distinguished by a cap that is actually used for watering them. A cell will typically be the equivalent of 2 volts in a golf cart.

The following table highlights the most common battery packs within the golf cart industry.

Battery System

Total Volts Approx. Travel Distance

6 x 6 Volts

36 Volts

22 miles

4 x 12 Volts

48 Volts

12 miles

6 x 8 Volts

48 Volts

19 miles

8 x 6 Volts

48 Volts

35 miles

6 x 12 Volts 72 Volts

17 miles

A standard round of 18 holes will be roughly 5-7 miles. Using this simple chart you can see the kind of distances achievable for different battery packs.

If you only ever plan to do 9 or 18 holes then you can really choose any of the battery packs above. if you prefer not to charge your cart every other day then opt for an 8 x 6-volt battery system.

Other Considerations with Batteries

So, now you know the voltage and best system for your golf cart, what are the other things that need to be considered before making your purchase?

Battery Types

There are three basic types of golf cart batteries and they are all slightly different.


Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries

These are by far the most common type of battery, available in a number of sizes, are not sealed and are very versatile. These batteries have lead plates that are based on sulphuric acid.

Gel Lead-Acid Batteries

Completely sealed these batteries are great for those who always find them off the fairway and in rough terrains. There is a thickening agent within the battery that keeps the electrolyte still.

AGM Lead-Acid Batteries

A fiberglass separator is used to keep the electrolyte in place, these are a new design when it comes to batteries but are considered very durable. Spill-proof and resistant to any vibrations these batteries can withstand rough use.


Not all batteries will last the same amount of time. They are generally good for a certain amount of cycles which is the charging and discharging of electricity. This is unavoidable because every time you use it, drain it and recharge it you are chipping away at the life cycle. As a rule of thumb a battery can go through around 750 cycles which is considerable.

How to Clean Golf Cart Batteries

There are a few things one can do to prolong the life of the battery and they include.

Water the Battery

Using distilled water you can pour a small amount over the battery plates, when I say small I mean ¼ of an inch, any more and the unit will be prone to corrosion.

Clean the Connections and Terminals

Using a brush terminal cleaner specifically for the job or a wire brush, remove dust and dirt that can build up on the batteries. If there is acid present than use a small pinch of baking soda and clean it with water.

Charge as per the User Manual

Depending on your battery and cart directions you may need to charge it after every use or only once the battery is completely flat. Be sure to check your manual before use.


If you don’t use your golf cart all year round then be sure to store the batteries in the correct way when not in use. In winter, your fully charged battery needs to be stored in a warm place. Vice versa for summer.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right golf cart battery is made easy with this comprehensive buyer guide! There are a few key things to understand before making your purchase and we hope you’ve learned a thing or two to help. The products reviewed in this post are all high quality and perform well so be sure to read through the detailed information before making your purchase to ensure it’s right for your needs. For other guides and all things golf head over to Golf Accessories to learn more!

Best Premium Quality
Lifeline Marine AGM Battery
High quality construction
5 year warranty
Resistant to vibrations
Check on Amazon
Great Value
Trojan 6 Volt Battery
Reputable brand
Flood leaded battery
High performance
Check on Amazon

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